Date: 6th June 2011 at 4:45pm
Written by:
Tom Cleverley

Will the England under 21 star be given a chance at United next season?

Although he may have only been given the second half to show his skills, Redflagflyinghigh favourite Tom Cleverley put on a fine display in the England under 21 win over Norway.

Tottenham’s Danny Rose and Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge scored first half goals to see England win Sunday’s friendly 2-0. Cleverley impressed with a strong second half display which did his chances of making an impact on the United first team next season no harm at all.



4 responses to “[Video] Tom Cleverley Shines As England Under 21s Beat Norway”

  1. RedScot says:

    Will he be given his chance? I am sure if having carried out his apprentice ship at Wigan(last season) and prior to this at Watford, where he was nominated their player of the campaign!.This in my eyes is progression.Steady growth, few players burst onto the football stage.I also understand he is a delight to work with, and but nobody speaks ill of Tom Cleverley.To me being a simple lad, and I know (I think) Sir Alex value’s attitude and professionalism and commitment to achieve.Tom surely is displaying these traits.I remember one classic Cleverley goal that summed up his talents on last summers tour of the States where he deftly flicked the ball over the defenders head with utmost composure, a cameo of Cleverley’s skill.Hells teeth those were long nights waiting on friendly game on MUTV.Our foriegn friends will know this well with kick off times in the UK,when out of sync with themselves.The things you do! lol.
    This to me is like a conveyer belt of talent,we will regret in 3/4 years time if we dont let Tom have his chance(and be asking the same questions we are now regards Ashley Young and established ‘stars’) also it gives encouragement to the players coming through, work hard show the correct level of ability and determination, you will get your chance on the big stage at Old Trafford.Its obvious, motivation.Thats why I think Ravel Morrison got a wee taste of the big time in the Carling Cup against Wolves.This is what you are going to throw away, sort of carrot.
    Ps If United dont want him, you bet your bottom Dollar there are many Premiership clubs watching and waiting, ready to pounce, not least the adorable Dave Whelan/Roberto….whats his name. lol.
    PS If only Kiko Macheda had chosen so wisely and listened to advice to stay in the UK.Ohhh well,some have ‘tood’ as they say in the Bronx.pmsl.

  2. Aadescholes says: are always on the mark mate.Tom’s a brilliant player.I used to watch Wigan’s game just to watch him play.The boy really has got something in him. I mean the United tradition in him.And his goal in that US tour was brilliant.If we want to bat Barca we got to look within our own club.

    • RedScot says:

      I dont know always on the mark Aadescholes.I tend to put my head above the parapit to be shot down I guess.
      Here here regards look inside at the youth before we go flushing money down the pan.I realize it is not ours, but you must think like that and be realistic.With a net spend of approx £5.1 million over the last 5 years at United nobody wants to build up anybodys hopes for them to be dashed into smithereens.Ignore some of my little digs(lol) its just my way to add fun to my posts mate.Not the Anorak some think I might be.
      I recall on R.O.M a lad from Wigan and Watford saying exactly the same thing about Tom, lauding him up.
      I trust the ‘horse’s mouth angle if you like.
      We only get glimpses of him on match of the day/Sky etc.You are lucky to see him for a full game.Cheers.

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