Date: 5th June 2011 at 1:58am
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Nani could be going to Serie A

Another day, another United player "leaving Old Trafford"

According to reports England’s latest hero Ashley Young will complete his move to Old Trafford in the next few days.

While that’s about as exclusive a story as the one about Wayne Rooney buying himself a new barnet, there’s now been a new twist added to the Young arrival tale.

The Mirror- admittedly hardly a shining example of journalistic excellence – but occasionally right- claim that Young’s arrival at Old Trafford will signal the departure of Nani.

The Mirror notes: “Nani’s future at ­Manchester United will come under ­scrutiny once the Premier League champions have ­completed the capture of ­Ashley Young.

“The Portuguese winger is unhappy that United have ­refused to offer him an ­improvement on the £70,000-a-week contract ­extension that he signed last March.

“And with United set to ­complete the ­£15million ­signing of Young from Aston Villa now that the winger has ­returned from ­international duty with England, Sir Alex ­Ferguson could cash in on the 24-year-old if Real Madrid firm up interest in him by lodging a bid.

“Nani was ­bitterly disappointed that ­Ferguson left him out of his team to face ­Barcelona in the ­Champions League last week at the end of a ­season which saw him named United’s ­Player of the Year.”

I’m not too keen on the Young deal if I’m totally honest, simply because I don’t think we actually need him. Young’s a right footed player who plays on the left, but I feel United would be better served with a naturally left footed winger- an Antonio Valencia for the left hand side if you will.

The idea that Young coming to Old Trafford will mean the departure of Nani makes me even less enamoured of the deal. Young’s a top quality player don’t get me wrong, but I think Nani is genuinely better and a level above that of Young.

This may all be paper talk but I’d hate to see one of my favourite players who’s just enjoyed his best season at Old Trafford leave for a player who may or may not be United class.

I know Nani had a poor end to the season but I fully expect him to pick up the next one in similar fashion as he started 2010/11.

As for Young, if although it’s more likely, when he arrives, he will bring a proven Premiership pedigree, I’m just unsure whehter he’s quite good enough to raise us to the next level. Only time will tell…



41 responses to ““Young In, Nani Out” Say It Ain’t So!”

  1. RedScot says:

    I think regards Timbo I have had my say to him, I dont care much for the pack wolves to gang up on anybody.We all have our views, Keep it United lads.Bye.

  2. Lex says:

    Think we should forget about Young and try to copy the Barca blue-print if we’re to compete with them. That means matching both their set-up and workrate. I’d say we need to bring in 3 players – De Gea, Modric and possibly Wesley. So first 11 could look like this:

    De Gea
    Rafael Rio Vidic Evra
    Modric Wesley
    Chicarito Nani Rooney

  3. jetelinho says:

    I would NEVER change Young for NANI, I mean NEVER

  4. Jon says:

    There seems to be a lot of anger on here towards fergie! Nani’s form at the end of the season wasn’t good enough to warrant a start in the CL final. He is a class act but so us young. I’ll be gutted if he goes but I was gutted when ronaldo and tevez went but as we show year after year we move on and array on successful. I like young and I think he will be a great additional and will give us balance (and goals) from the left.

    I will mention berbatov seems everyone is. Class player, fantastic touch but he cant be trusted to lead the line in big games and rarely scores when coming off the bench! Bolton home I think was his only goal(admittedly he won us the game) but if you look at his 20 goals he scored 11 of those in 3 games. Fine I know you’ll argue 9 goals for a bit part player is good but he didn’t score enough when it really mattered. I have supported him since they signed him and willed him to score but I’ve found this season the mist frustrating despite his goals. Man city in the fa cup a prime example!

    Enough of that though because again if he goes then so be it. My original point is that I really don’t think nani will go. He enjoys his football and knows he will get his shot next year regardless of young. Young can play off the striker ad well which would surely make him a benefit!

    To finish The deal I’m pleased with is the Owen contract extension. He still has a lot to offer. Hi instinct in front of goal will still give us something if we need a goal!

  5. tapa samplee says:

    I think Nani is more valuable than young for united.Fergie did mistake in CL final as he made down to Berba and Nani as a whole made the whole club down as he now regrets but glory MANUTD……..

  6. Max says:

    I don’t think that it is a coincidence that Nani’s best season at United coincided with Valencia’s injury. Nani finally got regular games playing on the right of midfield where, in my opinion, he is most suited. He is decent on the left too but just looks for more threatening on his right foot and just look at the goals he scored cutting in from the right and smashing the ball home with his left. Nani’s form really dipped when Valencia returned from injury; and with Valencia only being able to play on the right, and Ferguson’s clear preference for him, it doesn’t seem that Nani will get regular games for United where he is arguably most effective, which is a shame considering the great season he had.

  7. Rish says:

    I HATE u anton valencia..!!
    U are worthy of wigans only..
    N all valencia lovers,u mst have been proud of valencias brainless display in final..
    I dont know wot fergie sees in dat trash..

    Criously,if nani leaves cus jesus valencia is goin to be united first right wing..
    Lord save united..
    Iv had enough..

    • Jon says:

      You can’t really justify slating Valencia. He was superb when he came back other than in the final! His end product is far better than nani’s as a winger! Nani chips in with more goals but on more than one occasion tries to score himself rather than play for the team! I love nani and I do rate him as one of the best in the world. you talk about a brainless display from valencia in the final (from a bloke who broke his ankle horrifically just 8 months before) but you’ve just made a brainless comment about something you clearly know nothing about! If your gonna argue a point make sure it’s a valid point!

  8. Rish says:

    That injury is exactly why valencia gets all d sympathy in the world..
    18 assists n barclays top assist giver..i wont actlly want to read someone say he doesnt contribute or set up..

    The think is about footballing brain..valencia is like walcott..
    Pace..pace..pace.. Zero creativity..its like hez programmed to do just one think,stick line go ahead cross..
    That my friend totally works against lower teams on the table..but,when u play nig important matches u NEED creativity..ability to do sumthing else when your plan isnt working..
    N that is what valencia lacks..

    I dont mind valencia staying at united coming from bench n do his job..
    But for me HE IS NOT first team player for a club as manchester united..

    Look at our wingers cantona,beckham,ronaldo…n there is no way il be counting luis antonio valencia in same breath..
    Valencia stayin on cost of nani ways..

  9. Rish says:

    also,i would appericiate if you did not take the conversation personal..
    N suggest or rate what i write..
    V chat sure have good discussion about football..

  10. Rish says:

    Also,i wont even mind nani leaving if we replace him with alexis sanchez (i watch his game)..
    M not advocating for nani! But i want united to win!
    For me,manchester united right wing is not for mediocre like valencia..
    No offence here..
    Hard work can only take player till a level..
    But,u need creativity n brain to be class..

    N frankly i just want united to get serious world class talent so that next time v face barca v friggin give them thing or two to think about..

    N big names do make differnce..
    Clear example to support this is arsenal..