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David Beckham

Becks- still a Red.

The links with central midfielders this summer has been slightly over the top. Manchester United have been ‘interested’ in no less than 15 different central midfielders in the quest to find a replacement for Paul Scholes. But what happens if a big signing in this position is not possible?

The solution I pose is a short term one. Would it be so bad if we only signed a short term solution? It has been done before. In the summer of 2001 Manchester United signed a 35 year old Laurent Blanc who went on to play 75 times for the club in just two seasons.

The player who I am talking about is Clarence Seedorf. I strongly believe that he could be a short term solution for Manchester United should we fail to sign a central midfielder. Although this view is likely to be met with scepticism, it’s something that I really feel could work for us. Technically he is as good as any player out there. His passing is still superb, both long range and short range as demonstrated vs Internacional in the Audi Cup yesterday.

Seedorf is also still in a better condition physically than Paul Scholes had been for the last 2 years. He is relatively quick, still quite agile and still very skilful. Similar to Ryan Giggs, a little bit of skill can easily take him past a player or create that extra yard he needs to execute a telling pass. At his peak he was probably one of the best players I have ever seen.

Although he only recently signed a contract extension which will see his deal expire in exactly a years time, he has revealed his desire to play in the Premier League:

“It’s always been a dream in my long career to also play in the Premier League. It’s never happened. Why? I don’t know.”

Manchester United’s star striker Wayne Rooney is also known to be a long term admirer of Clarence Seedorf. The front page of the Gazzetta Dello Sport yesterday morning had a Rooney quote on it.

“Sneijder? I would have more fun with Seedorf!”

Back in January 2010 before Manchester United’s last-16 Champions League tie against AC Milan Wayne Rooney also said:

“Seedorf is the Milan player I fear most. He’s probably the best player I’ve ever played against.”

That is a lofty compliment for Clarence Seedorf considering that in May 2009 Manchester United played and lost to this current Barcelona side in the Champions League final. He is still a very good player in my opinion, especially in terms of passing. He demonstates that every time that he plays.

Another player who could make a short term impact would be David Beckham. We all know who he is, Manchester United’s most famous number 7 in history. In 394 appearances he scored 85 goals and assisted a countless number of times. He only just turned 36 two months ago and with his current deal set to end after the current MLS season, could Sir Alex Ferguson tempt David Beckham back?

Recently we have seen on two different occasions a demonstration of what David Beckham can do. On both occasions he played superbly. He was pinging the balls and spraying the passes all over the field with pinpoint accuracy in both Manchester United’s game against Juventus for Gary Neville’s testimonial as well as in the MLS All-Star game against Manchester United last night.

His passing is possibly up there with the best, it is something that you do not lose but as always with players of his and Seedorf’s age, could they cut it in the Premier League again? I suppose that both players are clever enough to find space and make space for themselves. Both are very good passers of the ball too. I don’t see why they couldn’t. For those fantasists it would be a fairytale story if David Beckham was to return at the end of his LA Galaxy contract.

If Manchester United do not sign a big name central midfielder would you be content if either Seedorf of Beckham was to come? Are they both past it? Or would you prefer for Manchester United to give youth a chance? Feel free to comment below.

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10 responses to “Could One Of These Legend’s Be The Answer To United’s Midfield Problems?”

  1. aidan says:

    I think any united fan would love to have Becks back and im sure it wouldn’t be bad business too with “brand beckham” still having an influence in shirt sales. We do need a young world class midfielder but until we get one maybe an old world class midfielder is better than none at all. Also from what i have read in players interviews, a senior figure in the dressing room is important. Bring Becks back!!

  2. Andrew of Ancient says:

    I agree in a short term solution. I’ve been saying it for a long time now. Not sure about Beckham or Seedorf at this stage but I thought we should have bid for Ronaldinho when he left Milan, He would have given us a good few seasons and I believe United could have made him a great again. We should have put a bid in for him last year

  3. Well written piece again mate, but I’m in complete disagreement on both counts.

    Seedorf, for me, is suited to the Italian game…the pace, the time, Scholes could do another couple of years out there himself. Whereas I think he’s a class player, the Premiership is beyond him for me.

    Beckham? Yeah, it looks like he’s trying to engineer a move back to us with his soundbites over the last 6-8 months. A few more deals would come his way if he could comeback, and that was the reason he switched off his football and headed for the exit door in the first place.

    If he was the Beckham the footballer of 98-2001 then I’d have him back like a shot. Unfortunately though he’s been playing at Conference standard over in the USofA of late and was already losing his ability whilst at Madrid. It’s a no thanks for me.

    Also, I’d credit Best, Cantona and Robson above Becks in the famous number 7 stakes.

  4. ryan says:

    why is no ne talking of parker…he had a hell of a season last year and will be available on loan…and we can get our youngsters to speed in a year rt?

  5. ustyk says:

    hahahaha why the boss himself i believe he can make a short period and solve our midfield problem, nonsense talk what we need is not a short time old 37 and 36 year of age respectvly, this players can not withstand pressure and also can nt play full 90min effectivly. Seedorf he best fit italian football and becks offcorse we love but he is not needed, why not sneijder or any other young players. We all know that sneijder is the perfect fit but, why do we ignore it. You have to stop this stupid talk please. Love man utd

  6. Anthony says:

    Dunno about these 2 players exactly but I would love to see a short term centre mid signed as it would give us enough time to make players like Morrison, Pogba and Turncliffe ready for the first team

  7. Segun says:

    There is a huge difference butween Serie A and EPL. How do we expect players in their mid-thirties to cope with the pace and physical demands of the premiership? Even the ever-green Giggs is finding it to play more than a game per week. We either get a world-class midfielder or make do with what we already have in the team.

  8. Segun says:

    There is a huge difference butween Serie A and EPL. How do we expect players in their mid-thirties to cope with the pace and physical demands of the premiership? Even the ever-green Giggs is finding it difficult to play more than a game per week. We either get a world-class midfielder or make do with what we already have in the team.

  9. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Seedorf? No just no, hes a decent player, but does he have the skill beckham has, not at all!

    becks is one of our own, we’d defo welcome him back to united with open arms! Its not the the romantic thought of the guy coming back either, he does actually have that trickery that scholes had of carrying out those pin point passes and long range shots (with becks obviously they’re more finesse rather than power shots). His passing ability and chemistry with the fans will bring back that adventure that United have been missing these past few years. I really hope Fergie swallows his pride and brings becks back to Man Utd for a year or 2 on loan for a final spell! Or buy him, whichever way it works!

  10. Tithe Farm CANTONA says:

    Wake up…………you’re dreaming! This aint fifa on the ps3 or fantasy football. Neither of these footballing dinosaurs could cut it in the premier,becksPLC is just a one trick pony to be wheeled out for testimonials, village fetes and GB olympic teams. Seedorfs stil got a little about him but would be found out in voom voom smash of the prem. This is Old Trafford not Jurrasic park!!
    ps……..Beckham, utds most famous number 7?????……..I beg to differ