Date: 20th July 2011 at 1:51pm
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Berbatov celebrate against Bolton

Berba does it again!

Sir Alex Ferguson has acknowledged for the first time that Dimitar Berbatov could have quit Manchester United after his Champion’s League final heartache in being left out of the squad in the defeat by Barcelona.
After a period that saw his starting opportunities limited due to the emergence of Javier Hernandez, it was expected that Berbatov would have had some part to play in United’s attempts at European glory but found himself unable to make the bench, with Michael Owen preferred as the extra option in a substitute line up that had a midfield disposition.

Speculation intensified in part due to the Bulgarian stiker’s absence from the stands, with many believing he left Wembley early in anger and that this would signal his departure from the club, in a similar fashion to Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s exit. However, reports appear to have been wide of the mark, with Berbatov admitting hiding in the United dressing room out of feelings of shame and now Ferguson has commented on that disappointing night, when he was asked whether he would have been understanding if Berbatov had expressed a desire to leave, Ferguson is quoted as saying “Yes, I’d understand that, but you could say that about them all… Berbatov will be all right. His training has been terrific and he’s a good person, a nice guy.”

Despite early speculation linking him with pastures new, no such moves have come to light, and Berbatov now finds himself with preparing himself for the new season on United’s pre-season tour in the United States, with an upcoming game against Seattle Sounders in which he is likely to play some part. So despite a promising, successful if disappointing end to one of his most productive seasons, United fans can look forward to seeing Dimitar Berbatov continue to play for the club he is quoted as saying at which he would be happy to finish his career.

Update – Berbatov has since been ruled out of the match against Seattle due to injury.


5 responses to “Ferguson – “Berbatov Could Have Quit””

  1. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Meh the guy’s been the biggest flop since Veron. I was especially disappointed when he didnt follow up his 5 goals against Blackburn with a big goal scoring spree. And before i get this barage of comments saying ‘oh fergie didnt start him in any matches’ he’s given the guy MANY chances! Hernandez was actually supposed to be like Berbs this season, he was supposed to gradually improve and be the third choice striker, but the difference between hernandez and berbs is that hernandez scored goals consistently and berbs didnt. At the end of the day thats what strikers are supposed to do! Berbs only scored in minor matches against blackburns and when he does score against these minor teams he scores hat tricks or doubles inflating his total goal tally which doesnt tell the full story. For 30 million quid i expect the guy to be scoring against both top teams and lower table teams CONSISTENTLY, not just teams like blackburn. Yes he had 1 hat trick against Liverpool but that was pretty much it! He’s lucky to be wearing the red jersey after flopping for all these years!

    • Zayd Jawad says:

      Indeed you have a point, but I also think that for someone who thrives off confidence, the way Berbatov was seemingly shunned at times last season was not the right way to go about things. He has still made excellent contributions at times, but you’re right Hernandez deserved to start as much as he did, he was simply too good.

    • A very “Football Manager 2011” kind of thought process.
      You expect defenders to tackle, midfielders to pass, wingers to cross and forwards to score.

      Hey – who needs a manager, right?! That’s all they’re there to do!

      Forget the system. Forget the brains. Forget the passages of play.

      If all you’re doing is measuing Berbatov on goals, God know what you think about Mark Hughes (119 goals in 345 games – 35% scoring rate), or Eric Cantona (64 goals in 144 games – 45% scoring rate). Both of whom played second striker in a similar vain to Berba who has 41 goals in 96 games (48% return).

      So Berbatov the flop, doesn’t exist except in the blinkered view of people like you who fail on the bigger picture of things, and only understand “goals” – not how to get them.

      By the way – Denis Law (if you’ve heard of him) scored 171 goals on 309 games for the regs. 55% return. And Law wasn’t a second striker.

  2. Good piece again Zayd. He’s an essential member of the squad, and the only player who can do what he does, when he’s on the field.

    Rarely gives the ball away, a great link between the second and final third of the field, and as the Premier League’s top scorer, I’ll be glad if he stays put.

    If you’ve got Manchester United etched in your heart, then you appriciate the touches of class a man like Berba brings…”How can I not smile? I play for Manchester United” he once said. Crying in the dressing room when not selected for a cup final…after a fantastic campaign last year, to get rid would be a bit of madness.

    • Zayd says:

      Thank you, and that’s very true. I admire the fact that despite staying in the dressing room his attitude after was something fans should appreciate, admitting he was upset but came with the attitude that he will continue to prove his worth at the club, in stark contrast to Van Nistelrooy. He may be a bit mercurial, but there is a lot to like about Berbatovs play and attitude at the club.