Date:9th July 2011 at 1:12am
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Gary Neville  Paul Scholes

Now that you're gone.....

My favourite Manchester United player is……….. Well, I don’t know. The past 6 months has been a bit of a shocker.

My favourite Manchester United players list did read;

1. Gary Neville
2. Paul Scholes
3. Edwin Van Der Sar

Now I don’t know where to turn. While Gary Neville tries his hand at punditry, Paul Scholes starts to pass his skills on to the next generation of United players and Edwin Van Der Sar disappears to Holland for a few years rest, I am left with a big decision to make.

Who do I start to give all my Manchester United love to?

Do I go with Nemanja Vidic? He is easily loveable. Captain of United, loyal and our hard man. He once single handedly stopped a stadium riot in the middle of an International match. He is the type of guy that every man wants to be. He is also arguably the best centre back in the world. However, he picks up a fair few red cards, I’m not into the bad boy.

Or how about Nani? He had a great season last year. It was definitely the start of a bromance. Probably the most skilful player in the squad and one of the most exciting. He would be like the trophy girlfriend. However, playing time next season will be limited due to Valencia’s return to fitness and the signing of Young, so I may not see as much of him as I’d like.

What about Giggs? Manchester United legend and last of Fergie’s Golden Generation still at the club. Still doing it at the highest level and still a match winner. Also, an absolute legend with the ladies, he is the kind of guy the younger lads look up to. However, surely due to retire soon, if I pick Giggs, I will need to pick a new favourite soon.

Perhaps I should go with Rooney. On his day, by far our best player. He is one of the lads, and due to recent developments, could have some ‘Hollywood Hair’ next season to admire. He has all the ability required to become a Manchester United legend. However, after the ‘incident’ last season, there may be question marks over his commitment to the club and I may need to choose again next season.

Then there’s Javier Hernandez. He’s just so damn cute. He is officially the nicest person in the world. Its common knowledge that he doesn’t know any swear words and gives out shirts to supermarket workers who help him. He is also a goal machine who can score with any part of his body. However, to have his name and number printed on the back of my shirt may cost a bit and I never know how to spell Chitcharito……. Chictarito……… Chicharito without googling it.

So there you have it. What do you guys think? Who should be my new favourite Manchester United player? The first person to say Howard Webb gets numpty of the month award.