Date: 24th July 2011 at 8:45pm
Written by:
Paul Scholes

Number 9 on my list

1. Paul Pogba, Tom Cleverley or Ravel Morrison to step up to the plate and be the next big thing off the Old Trafford talent conveyor belt.
2. Berbatov in a United shirt. Fergie, please don’t let him go. He’s too classy on the ball and too creative to see him go elsewhere.
3. De Gea be like Van der Saar and not Taibi/Bosnich/Barthez
4. Man City to finish below fourth.
5. Tottenham to finish in the top four.
6. Ashley Young to offer us a threat from set pieces and to score fifteen or more goals (not all from free kicks!)
7. Rooney’s hair in his eyes.
8. Alex Ferguson to go a whole season without being banned from the touchline.
9. Paul Scholes on the touchline.
10. Ronaldo to state his desire to come back to Old Trafford after a largely unsuccessful spell at the Bernabeu.
11. Rafael and Fabio to play on opposite flanks to each other in the same fixture.
12. Phil Jones to have half as much success in his debut season as Chris Smalling.
13. Tevez in Brazil, Argentina, Italy… anywhere other than the Etihad Stadium!
14. Man. City to be banned from Europe for failing the UEFA money rules.
15. A 1-0, Champions’ League semi-final United win at the Nou Camp.
16. A 2-0 Champions’ League final United win against Chelsea.
17. Rooney, Berbatov, Nani, Young and Hernandez to start the same fixture.
18. Liverpool to finish an agonisingly close second in the league, on goal difference.
19. United to win the twentieth league title with a goal difference bettering Liverpool’s by nineteen.

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14 responses to “Nineteen Things I Want To See Next Season”

  1. nav says:

    Maybe not the last 2, but the rest are spot on!!

  2. Scott says:

    ^ Agree with Nav

  3. timbo says:

    1) Fergie to finally wake up and cash in on Rooney, ridding the team of it’s most over-hyped, conceited, and destabilising influence since the days of Ronanldo, giving United back a much needed balance that it has been lacking since the Scot began building sides that pandered to the scouse moron’s needs and which papered over the severe limitations to his game that held United back.

    2) That Rooney, if point one is not applied, is treated like every other player and that a set of ‘Rooney rules’ not constantly be applied when supposedly picking teams on form, leaving the guy in the side for the best part of a season while playing like absolute crap – and seeing the EPL’s form forward of the first half of the season, Berbatov, disgracefully dumped to keep Rooney in the side when common sense dictated that Berba and Chicharito should have been given their shot to form a partnership.

    3) That United adopt a horses for courses mentality which sees different managers put in place to handle the side for domestic and European competition. Fergie is clearly a very limited tactician who is great at handling the pace and physical style of England but totally out of his depth in Europe. He so clearly didn’t take in the lessons of the bath Barcelona gave United a few years ago, and trundled out a side and a set of tactics in the most recent confrontation between the two sides that was simply embarrassing – as soon as I saw the players selected, and the formation adopted, I turned the TV off, because I knew what was coming – I even, in disgust, picked the scoreline. He simply doesn’t get two things – that banking everything on playing his supposed star player, Rooney, in his preferred position completely undermines the team and guts it where the team is most vulnerable, in the midfield. Secondly, he refuses to concede that United desperately need an infusion of class in the engine room, preferring to stick by the workhorse ethic of players like Fletcher, Carrick, Park, etc in the middle of the pitch and leaving it to one-dimensional wing play to add the only creative spark the team has.

    • aiddaa says:

      totally agree with you on berbatov, it was so unfair to him being benched when he was playing really good and keeping ronney on the field all the time despite him not playing good.

      If he must absolutely play rooney then use him in the midfield, and let him run his socks off and spray the balls around the field, and play berb up top with hernandez

      And buy schwensteiger to partner rooney in midfield, think that could work, but only time will tell 🙂

    • lamar says:

      i agree on #3 but you must’ve been high when you wrote #1

  4. Rocky says:

    18 and 19 are crap haha…but amen to the rest especially 14!! it will be nice seeing owen getting a hattrick against Liverpool :p

  5. 8 is not going to happen

  6. i really want 1 to happen though i think pogba is really good

  7. Meh says:

    15 and 16 just won’t happen, this is not our season

  8. 1.De Gea to win the golden glove.
    2.Anderson to start scoring and spraying passes like scholes.
    3.Ferdinand and Owen to go the whole season without treatment.
    4. Macheda in the starting eleven.

  9. parthiv says:

    i dnt knw why u got prob wid rooney…he is too gud..reasn he didnt score much ws coz he ws playd wide..berba is classy bt he lacks pace.he gvs away ball easily…he is nt quick wid passin…wel i do agree v need central midfielder…nw rooney cn b drp bck to act as attackin midfieldr…

  10. Luke says:

    18 and 19 are just stupid. I don’t want Liverpool anywhere near second it will suggest progression on their part, something we are not ready for until we do what they did and gain a few titles to be well in front of them.