Date: 15th July 2011 at 2:50am
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Javier Pastore

Javier might not have had the B'allon D'or but he did have a balloon

After hearing today’s update on the Sneijder saga, I was quite disappointed, so to console myself I’ve compiled a list of a few players who could also fill our midfield void.

1. Javier Pastore- Rumored to prefer a stay in Italy, but nevertheless, Pastore is a player more than capable of providing United with creative spark; he has been one of the Serie A’s most exciting attacking players since arriving from Argentina in 2009. A gifted dribbler, Pastore is composed on the ball, capable of creating an attack through movement on the dribble, or an incisive pass. At only twenty-two years old, the Argentinian international would fit United’s transfer policy to a tee; he has the potential to improve, and significant sell on value if he busts. Currently plying his trade at Palermo, Pastore lacks Champions League experience, and I wouldn’t count on him adjusting to the physicality of the Premier League, however, he still remains a decent second or third choice transfer target.

2. Samir Nasri- We already know that United have tabled a bid for the Frenchman; it was widely reported that Fergie’s twenty million pound query was rejected by Arsenal. Since then, Ferguoson has stated his doubt at the potential arrival of Nasri, making it clear that he suspects the midfielder will either stay at Arsenal or reject Manchester United for someone else. Personally, I see Nasri as a player who should only be signed in addition to a Sneijder/Pastore/Modric, he is less of an out and out midfielder, and more of a creative winger, capable of cutting in and weaving passes through. Unlike Pastore, Nasri has already proved that he is capable of cutting it in the Premier League, the former Marsielle man was especially impressive last season, though concerningly, he did fade a bit towards the end.

3. Luka Modric- More of a deep lying, regista type playmaker, Modric would represent a different option than that provided by Nasri or Sneijder. A Croatian international, Modric seems to have his heart set on a move to Chelsea, though even that transfer is unlikely due to Tottenham’s stubborn stance- one that Ferguson has had plenty of experience with in the past. Of all the midfielders linked to United, Modric is the one with the playing style most reminiscnet of that of the now retired Paul Scholes; the former Zagreb man is content to sit deep and ping passes around the park, rather than bomb forward in search of goals and assists. During his time at White Hart Lane, Modric has consistnetly proved himself adept at helping wingers into play, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t be able to replicate his great relationship with Bale and Lennon, and forge a dangerous partnership with Nani, Valencia and Young.

4. Marek Hamsik- Of all the four players listed, Marek Hamsik is the least likely to join, but he does meet United’s transfer specications perfectly. Still only a young player, the Slovakian boasts World Cup experience, as well as that of a title chase in a top class European league. A rumored target of AC Milan, Hamsik has made it clear that he wishes to leave Naples for pastures new, leaving the possibility of a move to United viable, if perhaps a little unlikely. Hamsik would certainly add something to the United attack, last year he forged a dangerous relationship with Napoli duo Lavezzi and Cavani, as the trio of attackers helped make Napoli one of the most feared sides in Italian football.

So, it seems that United’s search for creativity will continue to drag on. Personally, I would like to see Sneijder playing for us next season, though Modric wouldn’t be bad either..

Comment with your say on United’s midfield hunt.

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23 responses to “So Fergie Isn’t After Sneijder… Well, Here Are Four Alternatives”

  1. R.Rosso says:


    Anyone but sneijder. seriously would have to find some way to accomodate him…been there done that. modric for me, but looks unlikely.

  2. Mike says:

    modric isnt good enough! we need sneijder a world class playr proven at the highest level this is another zinane ronaldinho type thing we go for world class and dont get even if they did barca or real would take them off us like with ronaldo sneijder or swienstiger or give anderson a chance are theo nly options for me

  3. Mike says:

    P.s if we dont get sneijder I blame the glazers get them out if we cant afford the best we need some1 with no debt who can!

  4. mladen man.utd says:

    I m sick of glazers…So what if they give 50 mil for players? Liverpool spend over 120 millions this year! Glazers have to buy Sneijder !!!! We are most valuable team! We are 1st on fifa rang list! We deserve any player we wont!!!!

  5. dave says:

    I wish fans would just stop with the moaning about the Glazers. they have already signed three players, yes liverpool have spent 120 million but they were rubbish last season and they to sign more if they are going to compete. Sneijder is NOT the best option an egotistical player to play in the same position as wayne rooney really???????? by all accounts sneijder is a difficult person so lets not sign him lets sign someone who doesn’t have a reputation for collapsing at half time or making fun of lesser players gloating about his income lets sign someone who is a united player through and through not a money mad egotistical real madrid reject

  6. BlueDew88 says:

    while i agree sneijder is needed i don’t c why fergie didn’t take a chance on a younger player i was and still am a big supporter of anderson but he seems to be doubting himself, Pogba is the man for the job his true talent will only be put to the test against the big boys with time to develop. unless fergie knows a little green gem we should get sneijder and it’s there fault i always said we should have got him when he was leaving real scouts and management made a poor choice by letting him get away and now we have to get him at an inflated price. one more thing of course fergie wants it’s just part of the policy

  7. Mike says:

    @dave we maon about the glazers cause theyv put man u in debt and cant afford the best players like city and chelsea sure money doesent buy you sucess butif fergie had that kind of cash he would use it well and united would be much stronger in midfield we dont need 2 chenge front or defence jsut mid which means sneijder as for him being a difficult person i wouldnt no but i msure fergie can sort him out if he cant no1 can

  8. Mike says:

    p.s sorry for the typing errors lol

  9. Ricky says:

    Ravel Morrison and Paul Pogba can bridge the gaps in our midfield. They will need patience and time from the fans, but with the help of Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson they can do well. Morrison has had off-field problems, but his talent is unquestionable. He is only 18 and kids go through difficult periods.

  10. Ez says:

    Marvin Martin