Date: 25th July 2011 at 2:47pm
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Nani goal

Is Mr Da Cunha about to rekindle his show?

With the Charity, sorry Community Shield less than a fortnight away, the giddiness has started to well and truly kick in as the season approaches.

No more ubiquitous Wesley Sneijder/Samir Nasri/Luka Modric rumours as the only football stories constantly regurgitated from another seemingly ‘exclusive’ angle.

No more sitting up till daft o’clock to watch United give an exhibition against a team barely good enough for the Unibond.

No more listening to the tedious promises of City and Liverpool fans and pundits stating with serious faces: “this is gonna be our year.”

No more extra five a side games, even if it kills me as a method to fill the gaping void left by a lack of football to watch.

Hurrah, hurrah and thrice hurrah! The season is nearly upon us- thank fook.

There are many reaason for United fans to be excited the upcoming football calender, a trio of new signings, the return of messrs Welbeck and Cleverley, the trepidation of having to watch a Scholes-less side which can sometimes manifest itself into
a peverse curiosity. Going for a twentieth title! Am I the only Red who thinks we should wear two gold stars if we win it to symbolise two times ten titles ala Juventus?

Yet while all the aforementioned factors are guaranteed to make me quiver with titillation there is one as yet unmentioned reason the new season cannot start soon enough.

The reason I’m positively agitated with longing for the season to begin?

Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha.

Nani may not be everyone’s cup of tea with his cringe-worthy theatrics and his often infuriating greediness and erratic shooting but for me he’s an absolute breath of fresh air.

if you were to give him a lie detector test as to who was/is the greatest player in the history of association football, I’m positive not only would he say himself but the apparatus would reveal he didn’t think he was lying.

Watching Nani is almost like taking some form of drug, you can on occasions be whisked away to some magical awe-inspiring memorable place where you’ll witness wonders never seen before, while at times it can leave you curled up in the corner teeth gritted waiting for the effects to wear off.

I once heard someone who was Bipolar say: “the highs may the lows worth it” that’s exactly how I feel about Nani.

Last season Nani began the season somewhat indifferently -the missed penalty at Fulham a real shame- especially with the precedent it set in away draws- before he began grabbing games by the scruff of the neck -or even the ne’er regions and starting the “Nani show” as I referred to it.

In the Nani show, there was a saliva inducing partnership with Dimitar Berbatov, mesmerising runs and goals loads of assists and the usual Academy Award deserving performances in the name of acquiring free kicks.

It was the sort of show that made the first six or so months of the season all that more enjoyable.

Then at Anfield in March, the show was cancelled by an acne riddled bin dipper with an accent so Scouse it was actually indecipherable. To add insult to literal injury not even Nani’s greatest ever bravado theatrical performance could persuade Phil Dowd to issue what was a stonewall red card.

Since that fateful day, Nani could’nt get going again, despite an early physical recovery. The goals stopped, the assists became rarer and the mazy runs all but dried up. Such was Nani’s fall from grace, the once undroppable player, the certified match winner if ever there was one, was left out of the starting XI for the Champions league final.

In February such a decision would have seemed like an act of sabotage. Following the game at Anfield and subsequent dip in form it seemed shockingly logical.

That was then however and this is now. A new season brings new hope. Nani has already rediscovered his goal scoring touch with a cheeky chip in the game against Chicago- okay they’re poor ‘sub Unibond’ opposition but it’s a start.

Then there’s also the battle for places on the United flanks, a fight that the Portuguese winger has declared his readiness for.

Call it a hunch, but I’ve a feeling Nani’s ready to explode back onto the Premier League scene this coming season, like a caged greyhound who ‘s seen the hare go past twice and is now almost rabid with eagerness, I expect him to recapture his pre-Carragher form.

Whether he’s firing a shot into the third tier, attempting that fourth roll when he’s been fouled, arguing with team mates, or simply destroying the opposition -you’re always guaranteed some form of entertainment from the “sh*t Michael Jackson” as some rival fans call him.

Call me crazy, but I think this season could well be regarded as the Nani show, throughout.

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6 responses to “The Main Reason I’m Excited For The Upcoming Season”

  1. mladen man.utd says:

    I m so excited and I just can’t hide it 🙂 GGMU!

  2. Jumping Jesus says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing the new signings. I am so glad that we went for De Gea in the end. I thing he had the potential to be our greatest ever goalie. Time will tell there. If we do not strengthen the midfield with any more signings then I would call on Anderson to show everybody that he can now be the main man in the middle for us. He definately has the potential, and has had for years. The time is right to grow up and do it.
    I REALLY hope that the midfield kids get a chance this year. Looking forward to seeing Cleverley get his chance. I would LOVE IT if Pogba and Morrison got a look in too, particularly Pogba, who I think is going to be a world-beater. It’s gonna be a great season fo United’s next generation. Let’s hope we win it with kids again. You never know

    • Bob deacon says:

      Finally a Jesus I can believe in!!
      I agree with everything you said and that’s why I ain’t too worried if we don’t make any big signings.. It’s hard not to get caught up with the excitement of big money transfers. After all without the games it’s all we have to do is speculate.. But while other clubs are throwing small fortunes at players, or in arsenals case buring their heads in the sand, we need to remember that united attracts the best young talent around and the likes of pogba, cleverly and ravel are the future of the game.. One less transfer means more opportunities for these extremely talented lads..

  3. manu1fan says:

    I would like to say nani is not first class player I prefer to see him on the second half . He a good player but not that kind u want to put him as united first keys . Specially last year against Barcelona he is the reason that we accept the third goal and by that goal the game end . More important that all this Ferguson think like that too and that’s why he sign Ashley young

  4. John Tring says:

    JM, are you the only one excited? Without a decent CM player ( clearly we can’t afford any better than Young ), Utd will be the same pedestrians again. Sorry, too much expectation may be I had. Your article should be headlined: “Why we are NOT excited about the new season”.

  5. ahmad says:

    @1fan u r just a nani hater,he dint cause anu goal carrick should hav cleared d ball nd d pass was ur valencia is useless too predictable nd 1footed.he only knws how to cross and run..boring player with boring attributes..nani is the best winger @ O.T,even dergie knows dat