Date: 15th July 2011 at 3:17am
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Roy Keane

"I'm telling ya, Samantha's the best Sex and the City girl!"

News that Patrick Vieira has finally hung up his boots to take up an upstairs role with Manchester City will have been met with a mixture of happiness and indifference by most Reds.

The Frenchman was never a popular figure at Old Trafford, despite helping us to the treble with THAT pass, mainly due to his dirty bullboy tactics while at Arsenal.

In true bully boy style the former AC Milan midfielder didn’t want to know when true hard man Roy Keane took offence to Vieira trying to give Gary Neville a bit of stick in the tunnel before a game at Highbury.

Keano went for Vieira who quickly ran off to be consoled by Denis Bergkamp who told him to “stay way from that nasty man.”


24 responses to “[Video] Patrick Vieira Gets Put In His Place By Roy Keane”

  1. Manchester is 100% blue says:

    What are the bets your not man enough to publish my previous comment, go on show me your just another big mouth rag prick spouting off.

    • theres only 1 team in manchester says:

      ur such a bellend city are shit none of your players want to be their,ur nutin with out tevez and he goin

      • Manchester is 100% blue says:

        lmao, City are far better than United without Tevez, we knocked you out of the FA Cup and you better pray you dont meet us in the champions League for we will riun you again.

        Vieira is a bigger legend than Keane will ever be, Vieira won the World Cup, did Keane?

        Nar Keane is a punk just like United fans, a punk who talks about delibrately ruining players careers, he is a typical low life Irishman.

        Sure we will be without Tevez next season but we will have Sergio Aguero replacing him.

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha punks

  2. SiRed says:

    Fuckin love keano. He had vieira’s pants down here and made him look like a total whimp. As for the comment Above about keano being behind vieira!!!! Stop talking outa your bum hole. Keane was twice the player vieira ever was. He was the heartbeat of a side which cast a shadow over arsenal pretty much every year. And when arsenal did win the league it was due to keano snapping his ligaments and missing the season. So ssshhhhhhhhhhhh with your 10% bullsh1t and remember keano for what he was. The best.

  3. Lambo says:

    “True hard man Roy Keane”….lol

  4. bluesboy says:

    Keane put Vieira in his place…yeah right ha ha

  5. gooner says:

    i know this is a man u blog and i shouldnt be commenting. but really? it seems to me that viera was taken away by his team mate. he wasnt “put in his place”nywats whether you like it or not. he was a great player. much better than keane

  6. SiRed says:

    If vieira is a lot better than keano then it would be interesting to see who’s got the most winners medals. Both great players but if you understand football or have ever played football then you will no doubt look past the fact u dislike the player and the club he represented with much passion and admit that keano shat all over vieira in every aspect of the game. Different class.

  7. number7deus says:

    seem to remember being at old trafford, the crowd chanting viera’s name, “went to arsenal, and arsenal won fuck all, vi—-e—-r—-a” and united winning 6-1. don’t remember keane being outshone on too many occasions in games between the two clubs.

  8. R.Rosso says:

    Keano. what a lengend.

    Technically underrated as footballer.

  9. mladen man.utd says:

    I just love him! 🙂

  10. Conor O'Riordan says:

    What fucking abortion up there said Vieira was better than Keane?? Do not make me laugh. Every time they went head to head Keano pummeled him. Every time. And to that city wanker up there, only one team in Manchester? Why don’t you fuck off to the ‘Etihad Stadium’ you souless, corporate, money-grabbing git.