Date: 1st July 2011 at 5:00pm
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Samir Nasri

Will he or wont he?

Samir Nasri seems to be the newest transfer story that will cease to go away.

A few days ago Neil Ashton of the News of the World broke the story that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is a big admirer of Samir Nasri and wants to make him the number one transfer target for the rest of the summer.

However only yesterday news broke that Manchester City have made a £20million bid for Samir Nasri and offered him wages of £180,000 a week. Or did they? It only took a few more minutes on Sky Sports News until it went from “closing in on Samir Nasri” to “interested in Samir Nasri.” Rumours have it that it was just speculated that this was the case since they are rumoured to have the same agent.

Whether there is an actual bid on the table from Manchester City is under question. There is no bid from Manchester United as of yet but the interest in him is thought to be real.

So we have it. Will Samir Nasri transfer to Manchester? It is looking likely now but to which club will he be at? The red half of Manchester or the blue half?

Will he chose a team that he believes is up and coming but not yet one of the world’s best or will he chose a team that in recent years have basically guaranteed silverware for their players? Manchester United have now won the Premiership trophy 4 times in the past 5 years and have also won a trophy ever year since 2005 which is coincidently the last time his current team Arsenal won a trophy.

Manchester City of course will be a team who is always going to be thereabouts now due to the large scale investments they are receiving. Will he be playing in their sky blue kit come 13th August? As with most players who join them, I believe a move to Manchester City over a club that has been achieving much better in recent history is motivated only by money. Moving from Arsenal to Manchester City would seem quite a sideward move for Samir Nasri, although his bank balance may be much healthier.

So what would a move to Manchester United mean? I’m personally open to the idea. He was one of Arsenal’s stand out performers last season even though his form wilted away towards the back end of the season, but as with Nani I just put this down to the excessive amount of games that he played last season. With Van Persie and Fabregas making appearances only in the 20’s last season the burden fell on Samir Nasri who appeared around 50 times last term.

I feel that as well as signing a very good player, this transfer will also majorly weaken Arsenal. With Arsenal losing Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy for possibly a combined fee of around £60million, I highly doubt there is enough quality in the current market to replace each of these players man for man both in the number of personnel and quality. Players of their quality do not become available in the market too often and so at £20million I see Samir Nasri as a bargain regardless of how long he has left on his contract.

Would you like to see Samir Nasri in a Manchester United shirt next season? Do you think Samir Nasri is Manchester United quality? What would your feelings be if Samir Nasri ended up at Manchester City? Feel free to comment below.

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53 responses to “Will Samir Nasri Choose The Red Or Blue Half Of Manchester?”

  1. smithy says:

    arsenal are apperently interested in john oshea.So 20 million plus oshea they would be stupid to refuse
    this offer considerng nasri only has a year left on his contract. (and john oshea does not have mutch of a future at OT.)

  2. John says:

    “Samir Nasri seems to be the newest transfer story that will cease to go away”. Cease to go away?? News of the world broke the story?? NOTW doesn’t break stories, they make them up. Unidentified source for Citeh’s interest?? Jeez, lets write a blog filled with poor English and stories made up of hot air…

  3. mladen man.utd says:

    Let’s buy Hernanes from Lazio 🙂

  4. Syndrum says:

    Up manu! Nastri cud be seen to be potentially good, but wn bids happens to be high on a player, dn problems tend to arise bidders. Turn Nani to a central mid, anderson has holding ability. Then wt either sneigder/sanchez/nastri/pastore/marvin. Or two of them, manu will be okay! Up manu! Till death!

  5. slatze says:

    fergie seems to be buying with an idea in mind and i wouldnt be surprised to see united line up next year with a 4-3-3 formation with one holding midfielder and two wide forwards. With this in mind, nasri would be a perfect fit for united, just like young will be as they can both play as a wide forward or just in behind hernandez/rooney as the avanced playmaker……also with the number of wingers already in the side something is telling me that rooney will be shifted deeper to play one of these midfield roles……jones/fletcher holding with rooney and nasri just infront?….. sounds exciting to me!!

  6. prince says:


  7. maccarous says:

    samir nasri will be a very good fit at manut but fergie has not done anything in the transfer market bcos bcos vds left and evry one knew he must be replaceed so wen he replaced him wit de gea it wasnt can u sit 4 a team 2 collapse all de players 2 retire before u find replacement.for jones we have many defence who are very young how can u waist such money on such player how are we guaranteed dat he will do players fergie has bought 4 now we have players who can play at dat position.wat i am sayin is dat we need 2 creative midfielders n 2 defensive midfielders.lastly fergie should live united ia tym for us to win de champs lige again n i believe his idea generatin ability is finished

    • dessie says:


  8. Ur daddy white says:

    If man u wnt 2 buy ur nasri,yes nasri is available! dnt contact wenger again,bcos he we nt sell nasri to EPL bt, contact ur nasri agent/maneger (OSAMA BINLADIN) ur nasri agent,try n c him nw. To hell wt man u+chelsea+man cityB-);-(:-D%-);-> tell ur shit manager 2 try wt wenger did,we dnt buy star,bt we make them!

    • Stret Dave says:

      Any chance you could re-write that in English?

    • Ryan Donovan says:

      You don’t buy stars… yes… but United don’t really either bar the odd exception.

      Ronaldo being the prime example of a star Fergie made. Hernandez another one.

  9. Musa says:

    For him to win trphy and medal and to be mention as a best fotbalrs is beta for him to join Man Untd.

  10. Ibrahim says:

    Why are we always so emotional? I think we should give Nasri the 110 he asked for. His agent is not stupid and knows what Nasri worth. If Arsenal refuse to pay that mony, there is other top top clubs ready to pay ..

    This is dangerous for us .. these young players did not see Arsenal winning any trophy during their adult life .. The believe is now that Arsenal is a sub topper. We can not compete for any top player if Man united, Chelsea, Barca, Real, AC milan, Inter Milan or even Man City wants him too. We can not even keep our top players now. Scarey, I think. It is not only the money, it is the ambition of any player to win and be part of a winning team.

    We should not be naive and asking the players to be happy and proud wearing the shirt. That is not the way it works, even Roony doubted MU for a while. We need quality winners and Nasri is one of the quality winners and other top clubs know that.

    We should keep our best players and add some quality. If we will lose our best players then we should buy double .. crazy thinking.

    I would say; pay Nasri the money he deserves. We can not get the same quality out there with the same amount of money. He is 24 and Arsenal should have Nasri`s type of players during their top form period. Arsenal deserves to have Nasri for at least the next years.