Date: 22nd July 2011 at 2:38am
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Michael Owen winner's medal

Is there buried United treasure at Eastlands souvenir shop?

In one of the more bizarre stories this week a shop fitter has been arrested on suspicion of trying to blackmail Manchester City, with the threat of exposing United memorabilia buried under the club’s souvenir store.

The Mirror reports:

“A man has been arrested on suspicion of blackmailing Manchester City FC after claiming Manchester United memorabilia was buried under their souvenir store.

“Neil Gordon, 37, was held after City bosses claimed to have received a phone call and series of emails.

“The club was allegedly told that United memorabilia was hidden beneath floor tiles at the £1million City Store.

“They said a demand of £3,000 was made to keep the story from the media and it was also alleged that a “treasure hunt” for United fans to locate the items had been organised online.

“Mr Gordon, of Rochdale, is believed to work as a floor fitter. He has been bailed.

“The store was opened by City boss Roberto Mancini last November. It is not known if any memorabilia is actually buried at the store.”

I’ll let you insert your own jokes about Premier League winner’s medals finally being at the City souvenir shop here______.

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9 responses to “Man Arrested For ‘Blackmailing Man City With United Memorabilia Threat’”

  1. Heavyriffs says:

    I hope this working class hero is released with no charges and that City actually pay up the £3,000, he might pay some of your debt off with it?

  2. russ the blue says:

    Ha Ha Ha are all United fans as clever

  3. Daz says:

    Before we won a trophy you raga were slightly funny but now it’s incredibly lame.

  4. Manchester is 100% blue says:

    Well done for highlighting how pathetic and idiotic your fans are at United, applauds.

    Have no money so resort to crime to get what you want, its no wonder we see so many of your fans on Crimewatch and Police shows.

  5. Manc born and bred says:

    Erm think about it before you make him out to be a hero, it’s all a bit sad isn’t it. I mean how old is this guy really?

  6. Brian says:

    This workman only wanted £3,000 ? Really wanted to give bebe some change. What an idiot then again he does support United

  7. Blue Mick says:

    yet another BITTER RED. was the £3,000 so he could afford the cup scheme season ticket?

  8. Sale Red says:

    Well done for highlighting how pathetic and idiotic your fans are at United, applauds – this from someone calling themselves Manchester is 100% blue. The word irony is clearly lost on this buffoon.

  9. Youths the way to go says:

    LOL why did I not think off that