Date: 12th July 2011 at 11:52pm
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Everyone seemed to be on the winger's back

United’s on loan winger Bebe’s new club, Besiktas, have been rocked by the news that two of their leading officials have been arrested amid match fixing claims.

AFP reports:

“The Turkish football match-fixing probe on Tuesday widened to league giants Besiktas, with the arrest of two club officials, Anatolia news agency reported.

“Besiktas vice-president Serdar Adali and technical director Tayfur Havutcu were summoned to appear at Istanbul police headquarters for questioning before being taken into custody.

“Besiktas, who finished fifth in the Turkish league last season, are one of Istanbul’s three big clubs along with Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

“Since July 3, Turkish police have arrested more than 80 footballers and club officials as part of a far-reaching match-fixing probe into 19 first division matches, with 26 suspects placed in provisional detention.

“National football federation head Mehmet Ali Aydinlar insisted on Monday, however, that the league would start on August 5 as planned, adding that the federation would not take any disciplinary action against the clubs concerned until the prosecutors’ indictment was ready.

“The federation has until Friday to notify UEFA of which teams will play in European competitions.

“Police are investigating the outcome of 19 matches in Turkey’s top two divisions last season which ended with Fenerbahce clinching the title on the final day by goal difference from Trabzonspor.

“The inquiry and arrests have created shock waves among football supporters amid the prospect that Fenerbahce could be stripped of the title.”

What effect this could have on the club, or even the Turkish league remains to be seen, but one things for sure, after his rags to riches dream move to United turned into something of a disaster, Bebe deserves a bit of luck for once.

It’s not all bad news for the Portuguese winger, he did grab a goal in his sides 3-1 friendly win over Salzburg last night.

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15 responses to “Not The Start Bebe Needs To His Besiktas Career”

  1. pez says:

    Ummm I dunno where u get ur sources from but for a start im pretty sure hes at bursaspor not besiktas u dumb fuck ur whole ur whole report was a complete waste of your own time and ours

  2. pez says:

    Correction you was right but I still dont see the point in this article seriously who cares this is a site about man u not about besiktas and what problems they have u just used bebes links with united to write an article what no1 really cares about if u wanna be a decent man u blogger try writing some storys that people wanna see and not about a club none of us care about

  3. Lebs says:

    Pez you are a complete and utter twat that hasn’t the faintest clue about how to support a football team. Bebe is still a United player he is on loan, it is crucial that you watch him and hear about him at his loan spell to make sure he is nurtured accordingly.

    Fucking ignorant cunt.

  4. Scott says:

    @Pez – You are such a munter!

  5. adam says:

    Bebe scored by the way for Besiktas, against Salzburg

  6. Chen van says:

    @ Pez u nid to grow up nd u’r not the Red Devils supporters’ spokes person..shut up nd go finish your milk..leave the author alone he’s got a career unlike you

  7. Crofty says:

    @Pez you fucking mong. Not every supported is as plastic as you and only interested in First XI activities. It’s imperative that youngsters who are out on loan are closely monitored. I’d like to think that Bebe was just suffering from a bit of ‘rabbit in the headlights’ syndrome last season and whilst in Turkey, where he’s out the way of the judgemental English press, he’ll develop and regain his confidence. I hope to see him challanging for a place at United next season, hopefully on the back of a great season in Turkey.

  8. Red_Ells says:

    PEZ…what a cock

  9. Burnard says:

    All I can do is completely agree with everyone by saying Pez is a complete fucking mongoloid arse feltching twat. Gooner maybe? or scouse scum?

  10. Besiktas says:

    Bebe does seem like he will have the opportunity to shine at Besiktas. So far he has shown glimpses of this. There are reports that he is amongst the hardest working player in training for Besiktas and in his interviews he does talk like he has a point to prove for next season. And as for the match fixing allegations, as far as Besiktas are involved there is concerns over the transfer of a player which Besiktas are accused of for attempting unjustly. They are waiting for proof to be charged. so for the time being they are guilty until proven innocent.
    however i would like to note that Pez is a knob head. and good luck to Manchester United next season. The one and only proper team of Manchester.