Date: 19th July 2011 at 10:44am
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Wesley Sneijder

Where will the Dutchman end up this season?

United’s move for Internationale’s Wesley Sneijder appears to be stalling which has paved the way for Manchester City to swoop in according to reports.

The Manchester Evening News notes:

” City are poised for a sensational swoop on United’s top transfer target Wesley Sneijder.

“MEN Sport understands that Inter Milan are to propose a swap deal for want-away Blues star Carlos Tevez.

“And Sir Alex Ferguson last night distanced himself from a move for the Dutchman, saying ‘Forget it’, when asked about Sneijder on United’s tour of the USA.

“He added: “We are looking at some things but I am not so sure Sneijder will be easy to get.

“I could pick three or four players to come in but they wouldn’t be good enough for us so there is no point.”

“With City also closing in on a £38m deal for Sergio Aguero, the Blues are set to blow the lid off the European transfer market.

“City are losing patience with Arsenal over the proposed £20m purchase of Samir Nasri – also on Fergie’s wanted list – and Inter are keen to land Tevez, with Italian sources claiming they will sacrifice Sneijder in order to get him.

“The Inter move comes hot on the heels of City calling Corinthians’ bluff over their £39.4million bid for Tevez”

In all honesty this move doesn’t come as a surprise as with United seemingly unwilling to match Sneijder’s wage demands and City having no such qualms it could turn out there’s another dramatic twist in a transfer saga that’s already getting tedious.

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33 responses to “Manchester City Attempt To Hijack United’s Wesley Sneijder Deal”

  1. bob hoskins says:

    It would be great to see that man in sky blue.

    Imagine that – De Jong (his mate), Silva, Toure and Sneijder in the midfield.

    Going to take some beating that.

    Especially by Fletcher, Carrick, Nani and Giggs!

    • mahoosive club says:

      is that the same nani (most assisists in prem last year) and giggs (whos medal haul will never be beat by any player in the history of football)

    • Rodgerinho says:

      Fletcher is the equal if not better than De Jong (he can do more than kick lumps), Nani is a better player currently than Silva (just look at goals and assists). Carrick might be a bit of a donkey and Giggs is getting on, but the Welsh magician still does things nobody else in the Premiership seems capable of, and I’d go as far as to say that at his best he’s the equal of Sneijder. Add Daniele De Rossi and either Marek Hamsik or Ganso and United will go some way towards having the best midfield in the Premiership, young and skillful. A loss to not get Sneijder, but there are other players out there and United haven’t finished spending. And no offense but Aguero isn’t the equal of Tevez, that’s no upgrade in attack, if anything City will be getting weaker when Tevez leaves, even if Sneijder does arrive at the Etihad/United stadium

      • blue moon rising says:

        Fletcher is the equal if not better than De Jong…Are you deluded. Where was Fletcher at the World Cup?
        Nani is a better player currently than Silva…Don’t make me laugh, whiskey nose would swap them two anyday.
        Welsh magician still does things nobody else in the Premiership seems capable of…What’s that then – jumping into his brothers bed?
        Aguero isn’t the equal of Tevez…Agree (AGUERO is TWICE the player Carlos is)…
        Now run along sonny and wank over Jones & Young ha ha ha…..TICK FU**ING TOCK!!!!!

        • borris says:

          What a deluded imbecile this bitter blue is. Null point about Fletcher, he’s still a better player. Nani most assists in the league, no amount of mazy runs from Silva can match up to actual goals and actual assists. Aguero has none of the qualities that City desperately need and that only Tevez provided. He’s not going to go charging about the pitch making life hell for opposition midfielders, and he’s not a match winner.

  2. Stephen says:


  3. Fergie should announce that we’re after the Dalai Lama, Elvis & Jesus Chrisy – those stupid twats would send scouts out. Understand something little citeh – no matter how many donations you accept you can’t ever be us.. Knobs.

    • sean says:

      The last thing we would want is to you. We didn’t go for Jones, Young or that goalie you bought-we just go for players Mancini rates. This chasing after United targets only is another red myth designed to make you feel all snug.
      I suppose we bought Yaya, Silva, Milner, Balotelli because United wanted them?

      • borris says:

        2 of those 4 buys turned out to be terrible signings though didn’t they. Then you have Yaya Toure who is the very definition of a mercenary, and Silva who United did go after before deciding we already had better options within the squad (ie the player currently sitting at the top of the assists table).

  4. Jim says:

    why did you waste your time on this? More so, why did we?

  5. Ray says:

    What will take some beating are 19 titles. Small club. By the way Welcome to United Stadium Carlos Tevez.

    • sean says:

      Ermm..someone tell him, it doesn’t mean United. And we don’t care how big/small/medium sized you think we are. I suppose you saying that indicates that you wouldn’t support United if they weren’t big-so that’s makes you a GLORY HUNTER!

      • Ray says:

        Ermm.. Yeah glory hunter for the past 45 years. I’ve supported UNited through thick and thin. How long have you followed Shittee, like a couple of years since Mansoor took over??? It does mean UNITED. Check it out on google. Forever in our shadow. Welcome to UNITED Stadium Aguero.

        CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS,CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS,CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS,CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS, CHAMPIONS…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

        • sean says:

          Oh dear-do I have to spell it out for you? The point I was making was the fact you called City a ‘small club’ indicates that you measure clubs on their size and so this leaves you open to be called a ‘glory hunter’ I’m far too old to give a monkey’s whatever whether City are called big, small or medium sized. City are my club. It’s a good thing United are ‘big’-what would you do if they were ‘medium’ sized? (Hopefully you understand my point here).

          My dad watched City from the thirties and there are 9 in my family with season tickets. And as for this shadow rubbish, don’t believe it-this 19 stuff only works on Liverpudlians.

          Etihad-It doesn’t mean ‘United’ and if it did, why on earth would it matter to me? Grow up, you sound like you’re a schoolboy.

          You notice I don’t stoop to abusing United. You might learn from that-leave it to the schoolkids.

        • Ray says:

          You are right about one thing. When it comes to United, the passion is still the same as when I was a kid. That’s called loyalty. So much for gloryhunting ehh.
          I am sorry though if anybody felt offended by what I wrote, but it was only a bit of banter from my side. No harm intended.

  6. Mark says:

    Can’t say I ‘d blame him

  7. Cuzzy says:

    Why would Sneijder go to a shit club like City?? Do not be suprised to see Sneijder at United next season. City spend all that money and win jack shit. United is and will always be the best team in the world. The quicker people accept facts, the better.

  8. sneh says:

    bullshit..just rumors

  9. i don’t think he’d go to city

  10. Denver says:

    All the money City has but dont have the skill nor the brains to compare with us United….Wes wont go to city for sure he rather come to united.

    • sean says:

      As long as you keep on thinking this-we’ll be happy. Yes, just keep on thinking City are thick and have rubbish players-keep thinking that.

      • borris says:

        While Dzeko and Balotelli are leading your line I think we’ll keep seeing that as well.