Date: 13th July 2011 at 1:08pm
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Manchester United have yet to make any formal offer for Wesley Sneijder according to Inter’s technical director.

BBC Sport reports: “Inter Milan deny receiving offer for Wesley Sneijder

“Inter Milan technical director Marco Branca insists the Italian club have not received any official offers for Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

“Premier League champions Manchester United have been strongly linked with a move for the 27-year-old, but Inter are adamant he is not available.

“There are no updates. He is not for sale.”

“No, there’s not been an official offer and there has never been the intention to listen to them,” Branca said.”

The latest rumours seem to suggest that a deal for the Dutch playmaker was already in place and it was only a matter of time before he was unvieled as a United player.

Branca’s latest statement merely adds more confusion to the situation as the transfer saga looks set to rumble on.

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3 responses to ““No Official Offer For Wesley Sneijder” Says Inter Chief”

  1. Sean 123 Mufc says:

    right here i go Bebratov signed 2008 had his medcial no fee agreed then agreed personal terms after the medcial and then man united made a 30 million bid for Berbatov and was agreed and signed a four year deal Rooney came for a medcial price was not agreed after he passed his medcial then they agreed the price of the sale; the same happeing here i understand David gill has flown to Inter today to trash out a deal buy toinght if not tomorrow then if ir is agreed Sneijder will come for his medcial and the hole thing will be done after his medcial that is the way united do there transfers same with young De GEa Jones no one new there realy coming until they showed for there medcials so watch the space in the next 24 hours

  2. Kianci says:

    I am more than tired soap opera Sneijder…

  3. scio says:

    No formal offer – but that doesnt mean that Gill hasnt made a verbal offer, or that discussions arent ongoing.

    I dont know whether he’ll come but Im sure we’re talking and that, informally, we’re exploring what offer they would accept.