Date: 30th August 2011 at 5:23pm
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Owen Hargreaves celebrates against Arsenal

"I want curly hair too"

The news that Owen hargreaves may be on his way to rivals City has been met with a mixture of anger/disbelief/amusement and indifference by many Reds.

A player that started just 12% of the possible games for United is hardly someone you could term ‘essential’ yet there’s still a sneaky feeling he may finally be over his injury problems and a useful squad member.

Personally I actually thought we should have kept Hargreaves on a pay as you play deal, after all if we can have six strikers on the books at United then why not another central midfielder, even one as injury prone as Hargreaves.

On his day Hargreaves was a very useful combatative midfielder, the ideal man for tough European games against the likes of Barcelona. The problem is his ‘day’ was over two years ago and there comes a time when you have to say ‘enough is enough.’ Louis Saha was a case in point, a great striker ‘on his day’ but someone who simply could not be relied upon for more than the occassional game, Hargreaves couldn’t even be relied upon for that.

Why Hargreaves who always claimed he wanted to finally play some games, would want to join a club where he’ll likely be a fringe player is beyond me. The point is, yes I would have liked to have seen him stay at Old Trafford but once he was released we cant really complain about where he ends up. Let’s just pray he doesn’t end up playing a part in any success at Eastlands.

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6 responses to “Have United Made A Mistake Letting Hargreaves Go To Manchester City?”

  1. aidan says:

    i have two theory as why united didn’t offer him a pay for play, first, they didn’t think he would ever be fit or good enough again.
    Second, i think he got on fergies bad side a few years ago by turning up late for training and this was his punishment.
    I also think ferguson knew what he was doing playing him against wolves, he knew he was not ready, not even a reserves game before put into the first team.
    he wanted to force hargreaves to make the decision to quit

  2. toshe says:

    for the respect of utd.,the time, the patience and the money they invest in me ,i would never go to their rivals , but thats my view, he is thinking something else

  3. Anneeq Anwar says:

    I could not believe it!! What a serious lack of respect he’s shown Man Utd, after we spent 2 years nursing him and paying for his recovery. We showed so much patience yet he decides to go to our derby rivals? I doubt he’s even a serious buy anyway, its probs just to piss United off, he’ll play against United, break down after 5 minutes then start against us same time next season cos of the injury he’s sustained. Our team is better without him anyways, hes just another Carrick type steady Eddy. We at United want players with flair such as Cleverly and Welbeck.

  4. BlueDew88 says:

    let him go, jus don’t agree with his choice he was unable to fulfill his potential due to lack of games, Doubt he thinks he can get games @ city of all places to find form. Maybe he’s just making sure his retirement fund is in good $tead

  5. Jacob says:

    Just his time. he needs to make a living too. We have enough cover in midfield.

  6. tithe farm CANTONA says:

    fucking ingrate, i withdraw the previous permission to shag my wife!!!