Date: 14th August 2011 at 12:26pm
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Mario Goetze

Could the German midfielder be heading to Old Trafford?

United’s Summer spending may not be over, despite what Sir Alex Ferguson claimed recently, according to reports today.

With Wesley Sneijder now looking increasingly unlikely to end up at Old Trafford, the United boss has turned his attention to one of the Bundesliga’s rising stars.

The Sunday Express notes:

Manchester United have switched their attention to Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Goetze after becoming frustrated in their attempt to sign Inter Milan playmaker Wesley Sneijder.

United watched 19-year-old Goetze run the midfield in Germany’s 3-2 win against Brazil in Stuttgart last week, a high-profile friendly in which he also scored.

Goetze is rated the best young talent in the Bundesliga after helping Borussia land the title last season, and he has attracted the interest of Real Madrid and Barcelona. United know they would have a fight to persuade Dortmund to sell.

Goetze is contracted at Dortmund until 2014 and is valued at £20million. United updated their dossier on him after it became clear that neither Inter Milan nor Sneijder were prepared to budge on the fee or wages.

Whether Sir Alex would be tempted to try and sign the midfielder this transfer window remains to be seen but with Real Madrid and Barcelona also interested he may have to act sooner rather than later, particularly after losing out on Alexis Sanchez and Raphael Varane to the Spanish clubs.

Signing a nineteen year old would certainly fit in with United’s transfer policy of late, where up and coming youngsters- with the exception of Ashley Young- have been signed in favour of big money established players.

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33 responses to “Is Mario Goetze Heading To United This Summer?”

  1. Collins says:

    I think signing Goetze will be a great his age,he has started showing his talent to all the top clubs in europe.please,sir Alex Ferguson should get this boy.

  2. Waza says:

    We need a worldclass middle man. Cleverly is wank and so is pogba and carrick da shitbags scared to put a decent tackle in.. We need someone who can help us close the gap onbarcelona we might not beat them so soon but atleast an improvement to the Sunday league trances looked like intge CL final

    • Scott says:

      Cleverley and Pogba are wank? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Would like to see you strap on a pair of boots and try run with them.

      Thank god your not Fergie. No idea.

  3. Stephen says:

    Pogba and Cleverley are wank?

    You are fckking clueless….

  4. Kelvin chipeta says:

    I thnk Mario can do us gud, he z stl young & has è future, yes clevery & pogba r talented bt r kinda of players dat can èir abilities wt weak opponents nt è likes of barca, R. Madrid even chealse so SAF shud consider this boy(MARIO). 2gethr wi r utd!

  5. mjay says:

    ai i tnk SAF iz bein hard headed or jst hydn da truth! We al saw wat hapnd against barca.wen is he gna gt da pic tat we nt gud enuf 4barca wit tis curent squad..we simply nid sneijder.

  6. mjay says:

    anada tng iz wetha sneijder iz costn £50mil or £35mil and iz demandn £300k or £200k per wik shudn meta 2us. We as Man Utd fans shudn b tnkng abt hvng top playas.luk at da top playas man cty and barc hv added..ando,carik and fletcha r ntn lyk sneijder and tats it.wat wr thy doin agains barc?ntn…mjay

  7. Jumping Jesus says:

    Waza – “Pogba and Cleverley are wank” – you f***** imbecile. I suppose you would have said the same about Scholes and Giggs until they became legends….if you were alive then