Date: 27th August 2011 at 12:30pm
Written by:
Wes Brown John O'Shea

The dippers may have to wait a while to see scenes like these at Anfield

Liverpool’s owner John W Henry is under no illusions over what’s needed to be done for the Anfield outfit to reach the same level as United.

Speaking to the Telegraph Henry said:

Manchester United has done an incredible job of building a young, talented, deep squad. I watched a number of their pre-season matches and they seemed in top form even then.

We’ve just begun to build and are years behind them so we don’t expect this to be our year to win the Premier League.

While it would be easy for many Reds to sit and gloat at the Liverpool owners admission, it would be foolish to be too dismissive of them. Henry seems to have a clear understanding of the task he faces to make Liverpool true title contenders again and doesn’t seem too shy in splashing the cash to acheive that aim.

Henry added: This year our goal is to get back to Champions League.

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5 responses to “Liverpool F.C Owner: ‘We’re Years Behind Manchester United’”

  1. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Most def we shouldnt gloat, at least their owner actually understands and tries to relate to the beautiful game, rather than see our club as some sort of cash cow…

  2. jetelinho says:

    LIGHT years actually!

  3. ianmjon says:

    As a liverpool fan i must say he is very true. we are paying for several years of under finance in the club and two managers (three if you count roy hodgsons) very poor trading in the transfer market.

    We are at least 5 years away from being proper challengers again or we can take the city route and spend 300 mill in Jan lol.