Date: 8th August 2011 at 4:42pm
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Mr Da Cunha shows what he's made of

I have been faced with a difficult task in picking my Man of the Match for the first of my ‘Man of the Match’ features for this site. Yesterday’s Community Shield clash against rivals Manchester City saw a good few individuals shine for United.

New boy Ashley Young looked bright on the left wing and it was his free kick Chris Smalling latched on to for United’s first goal. Chris Smalling himself was one of the players to stick out in the United team. The centre back played out of position at right back, versatility which may be important to United this year after the departures of Wes Brown and John O’Shea, but never once looked out of his comfort zone. He stayed strong at the back whilst also providing support for Nani in attack on the right and he looked a threat from set-pieces, leading to him pulling United back into the game with his 52nd minute goal.

Anderson was also a contender for man of the match. He was a bundle of energy in the midfield and his insistent attacking passes put the City defence at a constant threat. Wayne Rooney also found himself in amongst the majority of the United action yesterday playing a key role in attacks with his sharp movement bringing others into the attacks.

However despite a refreshing number of star players for United, Man of the Match had to be Nani. Last season’s Player of the Year looked as good as ever zipping around the pitch at Wembley. He was noticeable during all of United’s attacking moves, if he was not already on the ball driving forward then he was looking to receive it. Whilst starting on the right wing, seeing him get deep into the corners to get crosses in, he also drifted into the middle to play off the forwards and break through the defence. The free-role movement of Nani at times was reminiscent of Portuguese compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at United.

Nani’s pace and trickery in all areas of the pitch was enough to put City at unease whilst he continually chipped away at their defence looking for a breakthrough. His efforts paid off when he capped a spectacular passing move from United by coolly chipping the ball past Joe Hart to equalise.

Nani’s perseverance in attack paid off again in the last minute of the match. Wayne Rooney cleared a City corner from his own box into City’s half, Nani busted a gut to chase the ball down nipping it away from Vincent Kompany to break through clear on goal. After bearing down on Joe Hart, Nani was excellent one last time as he kept his composure well, dragging the ball round the helpless City keeper to pass into an empty net.

Man of the Match was well deserved by Nani after he picked up from where he left off last season with an astounding performance, proving to be a major part in the United team. His determination was arguably the main driving force behind United as they pushed back from 2-0 down to come back and win 3-2, grabbing two of those goals himself.

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7 responses to “Man of the Match: United V Manchester City [Community Shield]”

  1. Isaidso says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Nani. Thing is though, I defy anybody to watch the 2nd of Nani’s goals, and still say it was a Kompany error that gave Nani his chance. I have watched it back several times, and Nani got to the ball BEFORE Kompany, who then tried to tackle Nani, but Nani’s quick footed nimbleness took the ball away from the City Man – great flair and ability from Nani. No wonder Fergie is promising the lad that he is now considered a STARTER – the mind boggles that it has taken Fergie so long to realise this!

  2. Mr Bluesky says:

    Wow… cannot believe how much Utd are going on about this friendly, it only goes to prove how worried they are about City and how City have become Utd’s biggest games of the season. Thanks for the respect !!

    • lamar says:

      don’t flatter yourselves. geez. england’s barcelona? nope. not a chance. you are england’s real madrid. all that money and you just got a mickey mouse cup.

  3. Isaidso says:

    I’d like to bet the queen and Buckingham Palace, that Mubarek – miffed City Chairman will as we speak be on the phone to Nani’s agent to offer all the money and as many oilwells as it takes to get Nani to switch to their camp. After all he tried to get Vida and Rooney, and almost every player United bought this summer, but they wanted Man United and none of them looks like they are regretting it lol!

  4. in1voice says:

    Totally agree. Nani was man of the match, but Cleverly who was not mentioned here is also one of the candidates.

  5. Jay says:

    Nani clearly man of the match. He was also the best player in the barcelona game and currently is without doubt the best winger in europe

  6. Isaidso says:

    @Mr Bluesky = hahahahahaha United worried about City, we gave you a 2 goal start and still battered you. Only for the utter thuggery of your players trying to break peoples legs – we would have walloped you so much more! Every time a United player was thru on goal the blues players chopped him down with tackles that in a normal prem game would have brought 4 of your players RED cards. I would say you lot are so much more obsessed with us and what we are doing than we ever will be about you – why else would you be over here posting comments on a RED DEVIL SITE? Your blogs too boring for you?