Date: 11th August 2011 at 11:53pm
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Wesley Sneijder

The Dutchman won't be coming to Old Trafford

The on/off saga of Wesley Sneijder’s proposed move to Old Trafford seems to be “off” according to the latest reports.

The Dutchman seems to have priced himself out of a move with wage demands that United refuse to meet.

The Daily Mail notes:

“Senior Old Trafford sources told Sportsmail that United have now grown tired of a saga that has dragged on since the end of last season and have decided to pull the plug on the deal.”

“With 27-year-old Sneijder sitting right at the wrong end of United’s age limit for new signings, Ferguson and chief executive David Gill have decided to walk away from a player who was demanding in excess of £200,000-a-week in wages.”

While there can be no denying Sneijder is a world-class player who would have added a great deal to the United side, this isn’t the disaster some would believe.

For starters if Sneijder really did want a move to United, then he would have been able to lower his demands. Secondly, an attacking midfielder is not what’s missing from the United side. Rooney, Tom Cleverley and even Young can all operate in the attacking midfield role.

Finally as the signing of Juan Sebastian Veron showed ten years ago, buying a world class midfielder who’s not used to the Premiership and isn’t necessarily needed can often cause more problems than its worth.

Yes, I would have liked to have seen Sneijder in a Red shirt, but the failure to secure his services shouldn’t detract from the fact the United squad is in great shape.


23 responses to “Manchester United ‘Pull Plug On Wesley Sneijder Deal’”

  1. iDon says:

    Man UTD and SAF are making a big mistake, if they don’t sign Sneijder, meaning they are not going to sign any other player i his category then forget the European glory… mark my word… In that case, please SAF, don’t make a mistake playing in CL again and embarrasing us all

  2. Ad67 says:

    falling further and further behind Barca – they sign Sachez and Fabregas and we get Young and Jones who are good premiership players but not the next level up.

  3. bruce thomas says:

    Quite agree with you views.

    Or, to put it another way: Let the greedy bastard rot.

  4. Amy says:

    Yea the squad is in great shape to challenge for the premier league but the champions league- forget about it. Sneidjer would have been perfect. Fergie does’nt care about age or wages its success and winning that he’s after. Not buying Sneidjer is a direct result of the Yankee owners. GLAZERS OUT

  5. Dave says:

    I agrre with your article. I also think Anderson is the player United needs to dominate midfield battles and push forward. Anderson is at the right age and deserves a run of games. If Sneider comes, the 27 year old will impede the further development of both Anderson and Cleverly.
    Although it would be a joy to watch Sneider in a United shirt, in the mid term it makes more sense to have our own players step up.

  6. LT says:

    If it’s money he wants then we’re not interested. We’ve got Tom Cleverley and Anderson kicking on, Fletcher has more potential and Carrick is stable. Overall, the squad is fantastic and spending for the sake of chasing Barca is fantasy – they can’t be caught these days. League is ours to lose.

  7. lawlaw says:

    I can only agree with the person who said Alex does not care about the age policy.THis is all glazers.Cleverly is okay and Anderson is good but make no mistake these boys armpit going to make us any stronger.united should step up and wake up.Sneidjeris a need not a want

    • lawlaw says:

      I would agree with you 9/10 times my friend,but the problem with this one is that Wesley has always wanted to play for us and everywhere he has playEd he has been loyal.Honestly with his talent and record I would say he deserves every penny as much as rooney,what we are not considering is that he is not seeking improved terms but just to match what he already getting.This guy is the difference between beating barca or being embarrassed and we say no?.I bet all my money fergie wants him 100%.

  8. Brian says:

    No doubt Sneijder is a world-class player, but spending over 30m+ transfer fee can get 2 alternatives which their value could only increased – mean good business elsewhere.

  9. BLT says:

    I don’t think it’s over yet. Search Vincenzo Perotti on twitter. He’s definitely going somewhere if not here. Regardless of Sneijder i hope Ando does what Nani did last season and takes his game to the next level.

  10. Jack says:

    this will drag on until we either sign him, someone similar or the window shuts.

    tbh its got quite boring, either theres a deal to be done and wes wants to play for us rather than earn a few extra Ks a week or he doesnt.

    we have need a defensive/combetive midfielder and a creative for the last few summers we never signed them and at the moment its not looking like we will in this window either.

    we cant replace scholes no matter who we sign and he probably wouldnt mean we could match barca in the middle of the park.

    its not the end of the world but it would be nice to see a quality signing or two.