Date: 11th August 2011 at 11:53pm
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Wesley Sneijder

The Dutchman won't be coming to Old Trafford

The on/off saga of Wesley Sneijder’s proposed move to Old Trafford seems to be “off” according to the latest reports.

The Dutchman seems to have priced himself out of a move with wage demands that United refuse to meet.

The Daily Mail notes:

“Senior Old Trafford sources told Sportsmail that United have now grown tired of a saga that has dragged on since the end of last season and have decided to pull the plug on the deal.”

“With 27-year-old Sneijder sitting right at the wrong end of United’s age limit for new signings, Ferguson and chief executive David Gill have decided to walk away from a player who was demanding in excess of £200,000-a-week in wages.”

While there can be no denying Sneijder is a world-class player who would have added a great deal to the United side, this isn’t the disaster some would believe.

For starters if Sneijder really did want a move to United, then he would have been able to lower his demands. Secondly, an attacking midfielder is not what’s missing from the United side. Rooney, Tom Cleverley and even Young can all operate in the attacking midfield role.

Finally as the signing of Juan Sebastian Veron showed ten years ago, buying a world class midfielder who’s not used to the Premiership and isn’t necessarily needed can often cause more problems than its worth.

Yes, I would have liked to have seen Sneijder in a Red shirt, but the failure to secure his services shouldn’t detract from the fact the United squad is in great shape.


23 responses to “Manchester United ‘Pull Plug On Wesley Sneijder Deal’”

  1. Jay says:

    Maybe now we can look to the more defensively minded Schweinsteiger.

    We have Cleverley, Anderson, Young, Nani et al who can provide that creative spark but we haven’t really got a midfield destroyer. We need someone to break up play, scoring goals and making chances has never been a problem for United. Schweinsteiger or Lassana Diarra would be great signings.

  2. Zack says:

    sneijder…sneijder…blah…blah…blah…its not going to change anything with just one player. Matching Barcelona? Bullshit!! Remember Juan Sebastian Veron?

  3. ojo omotayo says:

    carrick is playing rubish,cleverley stil young does not have champions league experience flether stil on injury anderson and other mid fielder are not enough to face bacelona sign sneidjer please for man u progress

  4. aston says:

    why did we sign cleverly?you cant play a match without a center mid that is experienced and can actualy pas the ball if we dont sign snijder our champions league hopes are over and we probly wont even win the premer league dont fall into that trap because the consequence would be fatel

    • Bob deacon says:

      Why did we sign cleverly?? Get a clue.. You probably think we bought him off Wigan..

  5. mladen man.utd says:

    barca will buy fabregas and they will be 3x stronger than anyone ..

  6. Bob deacon says:

    For the love of jebus we don’t need sneijder! We need a defensive midfielder.. Spending that money on someone we dont need is ridiculous.. And sneijder wouldn’t be the key to beating barcelona.. I wonder about the people who support my club sometimes..

    • Zack says:

      yes! absolutely correct! what we need is a defensive midfielder. we need someone that can win the ball back and pass it to the creative player like rooney, nani etc…that’s what all the great club have in common! what happen to real madrid when makelele left the madrid?!!

  7. Kimo says:

    Bullshit! obsession with Sneijder!!

  8. Bobby Dazzler says:

    Not too upset that he won’t be coming. I feel that the transfer is so hyped at this stage that the pressure on him from media and fans alike would be too much.
    Would like to see a deadline day deal for Scott Parker done. While many may disagree, listen:
    1. He’ll add numbers to our weakest area.
    2. Nominated PFA Player of the year last season.
    3. Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year last season.
    4. He’s 31 in October, so we would get 2 good seasons out of him.
    5. By the time we move him on, Pogba and Tunnicliff will be ready to step up, so he wouldn’t hinder their progress too much, like signing a younger midfielder would.
    6. He’d be cheap and his wages would be reasonable.

  9. Murphyboy69 says:

    I personally think signing sneijder is the way to go, as there are many bonuses that come with it. Yes our current squad is good enough to contend for the premiership title but u can forget the champions league. The game on sunday against west brom showed that we still lack flare in the centre of the park, and if west brom can give us a run for our money then barca will just destroy us again. What I like about sneijder other than the obvious that he’s a great player is that he’s a big name. Over the years we haven’t seemed to have bought any big signings really as none of them seem to want to come to us. Benzema, ozil etc all picked other teams to sign for. Now don’t get me wrong, we develop young players into stars, but experience is what you need sometimes and not youth. I think sneijder going to united would have tempted other big signings in the future. And as for his price tag????? I don’t see what the problem is, we broke the bank with a 30 million bid for berbatov and what a waste of money that was, I don’t care what anyone says, that guy is crap for united. Sneijder at an extra 5 million is justified seeing as he is one of the top 5 players in the world in his position. So final thoughts are, yes our young boys can do the job for premiership, but as for the champions league, I’ll use the words fergie said about signing sneijder. “Forget it”.

  10. Uby abasi says:

    Wesley should b sign bcos of Champions league. If only West Brom can give us such touch time, what will happen when we reach, maybe quarter final of d champions league dat we start 2 encounter toughest clubs in d world? Our midfield is not all dat effective. Experience is requird 2 join with d young midfielders. Plz sir Alex, consider us.