Date: 2nd August 2011 at 10:59pm
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Could Dimitar be playing in Ligue 1 next season?

In the post-match interview after the Manchester United Select XI’s 8-2 defeat in the charity match against Marseille at Monaco’s Stade Louis II stadium, Sir Alex Ferguson may have more or less confirmed that Dimitar Berbatov could be on his way to PSG. 

French reporter: “Could Berbatov play with Paris?”

Sir Alex Ferguson replied: “Yes, absolutely, no problem.”

In the same interview the issue of Wesley Sneijder came up. Sir Alex Ferguson branded that as just paper talk. The interview can be seen below.

It does seem possible that Sir Alex Ferguson misunderstood the question. Whether he did or not, I suppose only he knows…

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18 responses to “Sir Alex Ferguson Confirms Berbatov Could Be Sold”

  1. Pail says:

    I am not sure Fergie has understood her question. Very unlike him to be so open.

  2. timbo says:

    are you really that desperate for revenue-earning clicks to the site? It’s really ironic that Fergie should mention how all the conjecture about Sneijder is ‘paper talk’ when the banner headline for this piece revolves around a remark that was clearly made tongue in cheek. Just utter garbage – people should start putting together a list of sites to avoid, the ones like this that do or say anything to rope people in for the sake of those all important clicks. Bleacher report and others of that ilk are even worse, with their incessant lists that try and entice readers to click through page after revenue earning page. It’s absolutely shameless, and seemingly getting worse.

  3. reddevil says:

    The Berbatov thing is really fucking odd the more I watch it. The first time I watched it, I could clearly understand what she was saying even with the reporter in the background and her English is fine, so I dont know if he misunderstood, although nobody knows but SAF.

    When was the last time Ferguson joked about a player leaving? There’s no other way of interpreting the question either (i.e. could Berbatov get into their team etc), it was fairly straightforward and regardless, why would SAF comment on such speculation anyway?

    As odd as I find it, the only reason he gave that answer was because he misunderstood the question.

  4. yustaq says:

    A big lie…
    Berba is ours…
    Berba is great…
    Berba is united…
    We’re united…

  5. Mahesh says:

    For sure a case of misunderstading the question. There is no way he would have answered the question that way even if United are willing to let Berba go. Probably interepreted it as a qeustion about whether Berba was happy or not at United.

  6. kevin says:

    bit of sarcasm by sir alex.. berba aint leaving!

  7. Azm says:

    The reporter although stunning in looks isn’t too fluent in English and I think Sir Alex misunderstood the question!

  8. Svet says:

    There is not any misunderstanding. Two seasons after Ronaldo left, SAF is trying(or pushing from someone else to make Rooney the best player in the world, or at least to get golden boots. Rooney stated: Because of Berbatov, I have to change my game.Unquote.
    Rooney can not mach neither with Berbatov’s skills, nor Berbatov personality in and out of the pitch.
    To eliminate Berbatov from the team, SAF put him on the list for surgery the previous season.Then he apologize!!! There is no other player in Premiership,to be humiliated from his own Manager.

  9. BlueDew2788 says:

    Of Course Berba Could play for paris he’s a spectaculair player, and where did you hear Fergie say he was going anywhere? unless there’s more to the interview, thanks for the joke though.

  10. leftback says:

    It is clearly apparent that Sir Alex misunderstood the question as he is smiling during his last response regarding Berbatov. Also, “no problem” is not really an appropriate response if he had understood the questions correctly. It seemed he just wanted to end the interview in a hurry and jet out to the Netherlands for Edwin’s testimonial match.