Date: 1st August 2011 at 7:17pm
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Joey Barton

"A bunch of bouncing Babes they deserve to be knighted.."

So Joey Barton’s available on a free transfer and all of a sudden he’s lauded as the ideal man to bolster United’s midfield.

Well call me old fashioned but I’d rather see the Djemba twins Kleberson and David Bellion rejoin the club than the former Manchester City man.

Here’s ten reasons why I believe he’s got no place wearing the cherished jersey of my religion.

1. In 2004 Joey Barton famously stubbed out his cigar at then Manchester City youth player Jamie Tandy.

Tandy was subsequently released by the club and late battled alcoholism and depression. In an interivew with the Mirror Tandy revealed:

“When I was in rehab at Sporting Chance part of the therapy helps you to discover where your alcohol addiction comes from,” said Tandy.

“Alcoholism often runs in the family, but there was none of that in my background and, when I looked back at when the drinking took over, it all stemmed back to that f***ing Christmas party.

“At the time Barton hadn’t been in trouble before. People thought it must have been my fault because he didn’t have a reputation back then.

“Well people know the truth now, don’t they? He was fined 60 grand and I kept quiet. In the end it didn’t matter because City decided that I was the one they had to get rid of.”

2. In 2007 Barton violently attacked a man outside MacDonalds in Liverpool.

The midfielder was sentenced to six months Sentencing the Judge Henry Globe described the attack as “violent and cowardly” and branded Barton a “disgraceful coward”.

3. In 2004 Barton caused a mass ten man brawl in a pre-season game against Doncaster for hacking down an opponent prompting a public rebuke from Manchester City manager Kevin Keegan.

4. In 2005 Barton was involved in an altercation with a 15 year old Everton fan and ended up being fined eight weeks’ wages.

5. 2005 was a busy year for Barton as he broke the leg of a 35 year old pedestrian while driving through Liverpool city centre.

6. In 2009 with Newcastle struggling near the foot of the table, Barton returned after a three month absence to play Liverpool. The midfielder was sent off for a lunge on Xabi Alonso which saw him receive a straight red and a ban for the remaining three games of the season.

7. In 2007 Barton was suspended by Coty for a training ground but up with team mate Ousmane Dabo, which saw Dabo hospitalised.

8. In 2006 Baron dropped his shorts to Everton fans at Goodison Park.

9. In 2010 the FA punished Barton for violent conduct for punching Blackburn’s Morten Gamst Pedersen -hardly the most cynical player- in the chest.

10. He’s scouse, one in our team is more than enough to be honest.

Ever heard the expression “you’re not fit to wear the shirt……..”

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33 responses to “Ten Reasons Joey Barton Has No Place At Manchester United”

  1. Jack Searson says:

    this not idea for Manchester United

  2. hope we don’t sign him

  3. Darren says:

    F**k me, I can’t believe this is mushrooming into a debate. We need a quality playmaker with two good feet and have done for some time. JOEY F**KING BARTON!! Even the toon don’t want him, why would we want their cast-offs?

  4. John says:

    He’s worst than el hadji diouf

  5. DavidYB says:

    To be fair to him, in recent years Barton has turned over a new leaf in terms of misdemeanors off the pitch.

  6. MadMAX says:

    great article and all true we don’t want joey barton the sadistic c*nt!

  7. Cheese says:

    no way he’s a player for united, in any case for a defensive midfielder it’d be better to just sign lass diarra, he’s a classy boy…

  8. Muswad says:

    If u get joy bat get ready 4 many red cards and many fighting on the training ground

  9. Bobuk says:

    I’m a devout united fan from 1956. Not sure about barton but concerned about dual standards. Ravel Morrison springs to mind!