Date: 12th August 2011 at 1:12pm
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This funny viral doing the rounds comes from the Argentinean fifth division match between Union San Guillermo and Atletico Tostado. The referee, facing the wrath of a large group of angry players decides to do the sensible thing.. and leg it.


3 responses to “[Video] Referee Runs For His Life!”

  1. reyals says:


  2. Red Typhoon says:

    Shameful…what type of football clubs do they have in argentina…even if it were from the fifth division…those players should be banned for life..not forgetting the team officials too…fucking morons…idiotics…i seriously dont think that is funny at all..

  3. Bi0logiCaL says:

    to be very honest with you…i dont even find this funny. it just shows what a bunch of dickheads there are ._.