Date: 15th August 2011 at 2:53pm
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Wayne Rooney

"Who me?" Could Wazza lead the nation in the future?

Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott has revealed his admiration for Wayne Rooney is his new autobiography Growing Up Fast.

In the book Walcott reveals how the England camp is often fractured with players forming cliques based on their clubs. One man gets along with everyone though, as Walcott notes:

‘One of the best mixers, one of the people who moved easily between the cliques, is Wayne Rooney.

‘He’s such an easy bloke to get along with and he’s popular with everybody.

Walcott even back Rooney to skipper the nation one day, adding:

‘In the future I think he’ll make a great England captain.

‘The other thing about him is that he always wants to win. Always.’

‘A few days after we arrived in Germany for the 2006 World Cup, I walked past the snooker room in the hotel and Wayne was having a match with John Terry.

‘It was close but when JT sank the winning pot, Wayne lost his rag and snapped the cue with his hands.’

It’s funny what a difference a year can make, this time in 2010, Rooney was being roundly criticised by the media for his poor showing in South Africa, plus his lack of goals. Then came contract-gate.

This season however with a goal already to his name -from open play no less- a new barnet and the media queueing up to heap praise on him, there could be an annus mirabilis on the horizon.

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6 responses to “Arsenal Star: “Rooney Will Make A Great England Captain””

  1. Night life says:

    That’s why Rooney is a natural player for United, he’s a winner and that attribute
    wouldn’t need any encouragement from SAF, Rooney is fearless and has a never say die attitude, perfect!

  2. Anneeq Anwar says:

    lol are u kidding me? a captain is a leader, the person that everyone looks up to. Theo’s logic is evidently as good as his footballing ability if he thinks Rooney is captaining material. I mean the swears at the camera when hes winning and has the audacity to question the crowd’s loyalty after they flew in numbers halfway across the world to see england play in the world cup. Just ludicrous…

    • Bob deacon says:

      Indeed, ludicrous to think that his supporters should not boo their performance. Most fans rally behind their teams in order to help them play better.. But of course the English media has you all thinking it’s just a matter of showing up and collecting the trophy…And did his swearing offend your poor little ears? If the camera had not been in such a ridiculous place after that goal his emotions would not have been audible to the world…Rooney had alot of critics at the time of that goal and I’m sure that goal meant alot more than most.. What the England team lacks is heart.. One thing Wayne Rooney has plenty of..

      • Anneeq Anwar says:

        Well i was obviously brought up differently to u. When ur an international footballer, ur also supposed to be a model human being. Stamping on players bollocks (2006 w/c) and swearing at the camera on a sunday morning infront of children aint captain material. And as for the england fans booing the team, i agree it wasnt good to see. But seen as tho they paid an extautionate ticket price and paid what must amount to over 5k’s worth of money to pay for a plane ticket and hotels fees they’re entitled to voice their disgust at that AWFUL performance…

  3. Bob deacon says:

    Anyway nothing is as ludicrous as a Theo Walcott autobiography.. Ass clown..

  4. pat says:

    two great moments ya picked there.. whining at a whiney crowd of supporters after an international where they must have felt humiliated, not only for not living up to the ridiculous hype and pressure applied on them but to be boo’d off the pitch for it too. and then he cursed in the face of the media that turned on him for mattters in his personal life… what a prick eh?.. you sir are a fool, shame on your mother..