Date: 10th August 2011 at 11:27am
Written by:
Wesley Sneijder

Will the Dutchman be making a trip to China soon?

Here at Redflagflyinghigh we’ve had thousands of comments ranging from the ridiculous “United should offer Giggs and money for Nasri” to the sublime “it’s time to sell Obertan.”

Today however, came a comment so beautiful and pure in it’s innocence and expectation that it actually restored the faith in humanity I’d lost as I walked the streets of my beloved Manchester last night, seeing how utter scumbags had tried to ruin her.

This comment popped up on our ‘contact us’ page, I’m sure like me you’ll find it both moving and heartwarming.

Dear Wesley Sneijder
First, to send this email, I am very pleased to bring a lot of trouble
Please forgive me, I am a high school students from China, my name is Chen Zhou, in this
Good days, I welcome you the opportunity to come to China in the world is a very large
Countries. It has a long history. There are many interesting places. Such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc.
So many people come here every year to visit. And it held the Olympic Games in 2008
It will become more and more beautiful.
Here, I sincerely send my best wishes to you, wish you success in your work
Live happy, happy family. I have been concerned about you, look forward to your show better results
You can send some signed photos to me? I as the best memorial. Thank you
My address is
xxx xiejia road, jiangbei
 xxxxx ningbo, zhejiang
A blessing from China

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8 responses to “‘Dear Wesley Sneijder….’”

  1. Andrew of Arcadia says:

    Exactly zero fucks were given that day

  2. Gatville says:

    This is such a wonderful antidote to the violent images currently filling our tv screens. Chen Zhou should be signed up to the MU community education team.

  3. ralph says:

    Its good for someone to express his/her emotional

  4. Luke says:

    W T F!!

  5. Am I missing something here??

  6. Jonathan says:

    Lol! Who knew RFFH was really the personal email of Wesley Sneijder?!?

    If you enjoyed that, you should really check out and then click on “most popular Engrish”. I guarantee it will delivery hours of enjoyment. Hell, you could even offer this post as a submission.

    • Shawshank says:

      @Jonathan – Rofl!! 😀 ROCKS!! 😀 😀
      But the kid meant good. We should probably cut him some slack

  7. Bing Xi says:

    Yeah well, I’m Singaporean so I can speak Chinese. It’s obvious that he used some free translation software for most bits of the letter I think.

    Although it does raise the question of the need to spend 35m pounds on someone like sneijder? Would it not be better to nurture a pair of midfielders that can stay together for long and sustainable partnership (i.e. like iniesta and xavi)?

    I believe that SAF is heading towards forming lifelong partnerships in both the midfield, defence, and possibly attack. Imagine 3 years down the road, Fabio, Smalling Jones and Fabio forming the back line, Young Cleverly Anderson and Nani the midfield and attack, Rooney with Hernandez or Welback.

    How would Sneijder fit into this?