Date: 25th August 2011 at 10:06am
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Darron Gibson

Would United really be better off without the Irishman?

For many months now I’ve been trying with little or no success to defend Darron Gibson on these pages.

The much maligned midfielder has been a favourite of mine, simply because of the fact I think he’s a decent player who’s been harshly treated by a lot of Reds. The whole twitter debacle, where he was given the sort of abuse normally reserved for the likes of Carlos Tevez and Steven Gerrard actually made me feel somewhat ashamed to call myself a United fan.

I know he’s not the best player we’ve got at Old Trafford but telling him to: ‘F*ck off and die’ is a little out of order.

The latest reports suggest he could be on his way to Aston Villa. The Mail notes:

Aston Villa are making a £3.5million move for Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson.

The Republic of Ireland international saw a move to Sunderland fall through last month despite initial discussions.

The 23-year-old is surplus to requirements at Old Trafford following the emergence of players such as Tom Cleverley and is keen to get his career back on track.

A move to Villa could be great for both the player and United as it would give him a chance to play for a decent Premier League side and prove his worth, while the Reds would receive some. Money for a player who cost nothing.

Although he won’t be missed by a lot of United fans , I’ll actually be sad to see him leave, simply because I always felt he had the potential to to turn the criticism around.


22 responses to “Perfect Move For Player Who Deserved Better From Some Fans”

  1. lamar says:

    Would United really be better off without the Irishman? The answer is HELL YEAH.

  2. lamar says:

    Glad to see us getting rid of dead weight. O’shea, Brown and now gibbo. God, if we could only get rid of Evans… it’d be awesome!

    • Bob deacon says:

      Yeah, get rid of a young,talented and seriously promising defender amid a partial defensive crisis…that would be awesome.. I would be in awe of the stupidity..

  3. jonathan says:

    It’s a bit sad to see him leave considering he was showing some of his best stuff towards the end of the season. But, like others have said, I don’t think it was enough quality that we’d ever regret losing him.

    Like you, I cheered him on more so after the shame of the Twitter debacle and “liked him” on FB to show solidarity.

  4. karan says:

    a loan move just like cleverly’s and welbeck’s with regular football will help him get back his lost confidence….but i seriously doubt that he will be able to break in the first 11….as i like to say more the merrier….anothr midfielder to our squad is a boost for us….and maybe e might just see the real gibson after hes had regular play in the premier league…..

  5. Rathan says:

    i Still believe that Darren is going no where. As we are still in lack of an extra mid fileder and with scholes, hargreaves leaving the side might get a place for Gibson. I belive Pogba still needs to wait for one more season to start in premiership so as ravel morrison. The only reason what I think about Gibson staying at Old trafford is the lack of numbers in the mid field area. We have Carrick, fletcher, anderson and Cleverly now playing at the center. If any one of them gets injured its very hard for the likes of giggs and park to fill their shoes. I hope sir alex gives Gibson a one more year and possibly, he will again be considered to be one of the best potentials at the old trafford. But, we cant deny the fact that he had lot of opportunities in Red shirt and many times he was like doesnt know where to pass it. Read in many interviews that he plays well in the training grounds and he needs to be more professional while playing in the professional football. All the best Gibbo – i wish he could stay for one more season

  6. Paul says:

    Gibson isn’t the greatest player ever but I know he’s better than Carrick so I have no idea why he gets so much abuse. He always puts in a lot of effort so I can’t not like him. Either way, if he goes I wish him well.