Date: 19th September 2011 at 5:06pm
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The French left back tells it like it is

Patrice Evra was refreshingly honest and self critical following United’s win over Chelsea yesterday.

While 3-1 against our title rivals is a great result, the United skipper wasn’t sugar coating the fact that at times the Reds looked a little shaky at the back.

Speaking to MUTV Evra said:

Maybe I’m a little bit hard with myself but it was the first time we didnt control all the game.

We have five wins thats a good start but maybe I want more, were happy to win but I hope next game against Stoke we control the game more and not try to rush things because I think today we tried to rush things and that’s why we gave the ball away too easily.

That’s why I’m not so happy, I’m happy because its a big game and its been a long time since we scored three goals against Chelsea, we have a lot of positive things but if you want to win the league and win every game you have to perform better than today.

When asked about Fernando Torres’s terrible second half miss, Evra laughed:

“God protects this pitch because I couldn’t believe that goal didn’t go in. Maybe God was with us today.”

Despite the fact Evra is one of my favourite United players, if I’m completely honest, I think he’s not had the best of starts to the campaign and was caught out of position several times yesterday. Although it’s not exactly a worry, it is a slight cause for concern when such  a reliable and important player is off the boil somewhat, lets just hope its a bit of early season rustiness rather than anything that lasts much longer.

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4 responses to ““God Protects This Pitch Because I Couldn’t Believe That Goal Didn’t Go In””

  1. BW says:

    The defence had little protection because Carrick wasn’t playing, and Fletcher and Anderson did their best impression of Gerrard and Lampard for England.

    But Nani is turning into one hell of a player…

  2. saeed says:

    Good article,
    Lets be fair here, 3 out of the 4 defence was missing, RB, Vidic, Ferdinard and this is probably Evra’s worse spell. Continuing from last season where he didn’t play well at all.

    Fortunately Drogba wasn’t playing, as he would have tested the defence alot more.

    Once again seeing the inept “playmaker” carrick brought on to “shore up” the defence. Made one of his telling 3 yard sideways pass when there was runners going. This caused MU to lose the ball and give Chelsea another attack.

    Very impressed with the new signings and no talk of needing Sneijder!!! Apparently he wanted MU to pay for his house in England, a jet on standby and taxes paid!!! We all know this is impossible unless his name is Glazer…

    Well done Nani and Anderson, finally becoming the players they were brought in to be.

  3. McGrath says:

    The folk slating Carrick are just making fools of yourself. I suppose that you’re entitled to your opinion, but there is a reason why Fergie is the most successful British manager of all time and you are a supporter…

    Carrick would agree with Roy Keane about one thing – the fickle and “Prawn sandwich” mentality of the supporters. Of course they are different players and Keane was one of the best players to play at OT.

    But Carrick is also one of the best midfielders to have ever played for the club. Carrick has played in three Champions League finals. How many did Keane play in? Did they miss him when he missed the match because of a suspension? No. In terms of winning trophies Carrick is up there…he has played an integral part in the one of the team’s most successful periods in its history.

    Before Carrick joined the club they had won nothing for three years. Since he joined they have 4 out of 5 PL titles and were a point away from a 5th. That is astonishing consistency.

    Do you not think playing central midfield is an important position? It is arguably THE most important position. How do you suppose team can “carry” a player for five years?

    It is not Carrick that is letting down the team. It is supporters like Saeed and others. It is embarrassing to those supporters that actually understand the game.

    I have some advice for you – Eff off and support another team, YOU WON’T BE MISSED. I’ve got news for you also…he will still at OT in FIVE YEARS TIME and we will still be winning PL titles and hopefully CL too.

    Those of us that endured the days of Ron Atkinson and before, appreciate a player like Carrick. He is one of the best that this club has ever had.

    • Zack says:

      strongly agree with you mate! In my opinion, Carrick is Man Utd’s unsung heroes. Screening the defence line, move the ball between defender and attacker. No one can argue Sir Alex in judging a player’s value to a team.