Date: 14th September 2011 at 3:25pm
Written by:
Tomasz Kuszczak

"Boat drinks"

I’m not one for slagging off any player that’s still plys his trade at my beloved club but even my patience has been tested to breaking point by United’s thrid choice keeper.

Sky Sports reports:

Tomasz Kuszczak says he is ‘angry and disappointed’ at the way he has been treated by Manchester United after failing to secure a summer move.

The Poland international goalkeeper had been hoping to leave the Red Devils during the close season in search of regular first-team football.

Kuszczak has made just 61 appearances during five years at Old Trafford and is now third choice behind new arrival David de Gea and Anders Lindegaard.

The 29-year-old was linked with a return to former club West Bromwich Albion and had expressed an interest in staying in England.

However, Kuszczak claims United wanted a £4million transfer fee and he is unhappy that he was unable to clinch a transfer before the window closed last month.

“I am angry and disappointed with the way I am treated,” said Kuszczak in The Sun.

“I had a few good offers. The problem was the club who wanted to sell me for £4m.”

Kuszczak’s attitude is typical from a player who’s never really convinced either the manager nor many fans that he could be anything more than an understudy.

Last season some Reds were impressed with Kuszczak’s performance in the Carling Cup against Scunthorpe, but I felt he looked dodgy at times.

Then there was the game against Blackburn where he seemed determined to make even the easiest back pass turn into a drama. What should have been an easy game was made more edgy by the ineptitude of the ‘Pole In Goal’ who seemed bereft of any confidence and decision making ability.

Kuszczak also seems to have a strained relationship with some of his defenders, particularly Nemanja Vidic, who he’s often argued with during games.

While I understand the frustrations of a player not getting first team football, I have little sympathy for Kuszczak, he earns good money at Old Trafford and cost the club £4 million which they have a right to want to earn back.

Spitting his dummy out and criticising the club in the press is not the way to go about it, Kuszczak could knuckle down and try and prove his worth, rather than moaning and acting like child.

His latest actions just go to prove he’s not worthy playing for United and despite the fact, following his outburst he doesn’t deserve to be given the easy option, I feel now’s the time to get rid of him and accept even a small offer.

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11 responses to “Time To Show Spoiled Brat The Old Trafford Exit Door”

  1. lukasz says:

    He just wants to pay regardless of the money and he was never really given a consistent run of games so why not blast man united for not allowing him on leave when you have 2 other keepers.

    • Danny Salford Red says:

      And why exactly should we let a full international simply leave for a free or on the cheap? You have no point now toddle along.

  2. Bob Deacon says:

    I Agree. He had said a long time ago that he no longer wished to be an understudy. That if after Van Der Sar retired he was not going to be the first choice keeper that he would like to leave. Maybe Untied should have made more of an effort to allow him to leave, but if he wasn’t so shit someone would’ve paid 4m or somewhere near that figure. It must be frustrating for a goalkeeper not having the possibility of getting string of games so i don’t blame his reactions..

  3. jonathan says:

    I have to disagree with the author and agree with the above posts. Sure, his reaction’s not perfect; but if you’ve come to a dead end at your dreams of becoming the United GK you probably want to move on. Management must’ve known at least back to when they bought Lindegaard that he wasn’t in their plans, so why not plan ahead?

    It’d be interesting to see what amount the other offers were for. Granted, if it was under 2 million I don’t blame the team; however, if it was that or higher, it would make sense to take it as a favour to him. Add to the fact that he’s still on payroll, so they may not gain anything by holding out for another million or two and end up paying him this season for a similar amount.

  4. wiuru says:

    If he dosn’t believe he is worth £4 million then he isnt ! Time to move on . I know no one who was happy to see PIG between the sticks .
    Really not happy giving a United player stick but he has been give the opportunities to convince and consistantly failed to do so .
    Others who see differant are not banging on the door to sign him .

  5. UtdForLife says:

    You talk about showing him the door but ask why should we let him leave for free….which is it?

    The guy just wants to play football. If he’s not up to United’s standards (which he’s not) then just let him off to another club…even on loan where he might have a chance to show he’s worth the 4m they’re looking for.

  6. jeremy says:

    I don’t know why some united fans are saying he is not a good keeper. He is, not no1 but still a decent keeper bar the blackburn game. And why should he not seek a move if he wants to play in the euros. I do think he hasn’t been fully treated fairly but maybe there is something more to ot

    • Kevin Breslin says:

      I agree … he’s as spolied as any other keeper I don’t think it’s bratish to request a move. Would you be happy if your boss brought in two new employees when you were the one covering the guy who was going to retire.

      It’s perfectly understandable, if you compare it to how Rooney, Rio, Berbatov, Young, Carrick and so many other players whinged at their former clubs just to get a move to Man Utd then you might hold Tomaz Kuszczak’s “bratishness” in a different light.

  7. Kevin Breslin says:

    I also think if your patience is tested to the breaking point by the fate of one goalkeeper … you should really have a look at more important things going on around you.