Date: 28th September 2011 at 12:48pm
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With Manchester City trailing Bayern Munich 2-0 last night in the Champions League, Roberto Mancini decided to bring on Carlos Tevez.

Unfortunately for the City boss the Argentinean striker was upset at not being used as the first substitute and refused to even warm up.

Cheers Carlos for taking the headlines away from United’s poor performance.


7 responses to “[Video] Carlos Tevez Refuses To Play For City”

  1. masaba jimmy says:

    If carlos really did this them he acted non professionaly because his career may be in jeopardy

  2. wiuru says:

    How low can this Fellah get ?

  3. hENRY says:

    If this is true and there wasn’t some communication issue, then he should be sacked for Gross Misconduct. Refusing to deliver what you have signed up for in your contract, who does he think he is? There is a world wide recession and this wanker thinks that the £100000s he is paid a week means he can sit on the bench when his feelings are hurt. How big a tosser does a premier league player have to be before his manager and team mates kick his head in???

  4. Youths the way to go says:

    Thats why Fergie never signed him up

    Never signed him up

    Never signed him up

    Never signed him up

    thats why Fergie never signed him up


  6. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Fergie has proved to be right yet again! All of us including myself were rooting for this guy to be signed up, we all thought he was a loyal player with a big heart. I cannot believe a guy who gets paid 280k a week is acting like this, its unreal! After saying that he hated the city of manchester and put in a transfer request how can the guy expect to still be their first choice striker? Even worse he throws a tantrum and refuses to play, which is a basic requirement of any player.

    The Shitty fans were laughing when they bought him off us, we’re the ones laughing now, 😉 haha