Date: 11th September 2011 at 9:50pm
Written by:
Ji Sung Park

The one player who never disappoints when called upon

Tom Cleverley’s injury against Bolton may not be as serious as first thought, but it is still a blow for both the player and United as he’d become an integral part of the team’s success this season.

Cleverley’s ability to link up with Wayne Rooney, Nani and Danny Welbeck has been pivotal to United and his partnership with Anderson looks like being one that could finally erase the Sneijder word from many Reds vocabulary.

Although, I still feel Cleverley can raise his game a notch and become even more influential that he has been, there’s no denying he’s been very impressive.

United seem to have become the sort of team Arsenal try to be, slick passing quick movement and an almost ‘total football’ style of playing, which has seen the likes of Ashley Young, Nani and Cleverley penetrating from both flanks and the centre.

On Satuday Michael Carrick was brought on to replace Cleverley and performed admirably, doing the sort of job he’s been doing without any fanfare for the past five seasons. Carrick sits a lot deeper than Cleverley and is more concerned with mopping up loose balls and taking the sting out of the opposition attacks, while starting United’s own from deeper, than he is about bombing forward playing ‘give it and go’ type passes.

I’ve been a Carrick admirer/defender ever since we bought him and actually rated him when he was at Spurs and while seeing him starting in Cleverley’s absence would be far from a disappointment, I cannot help feel Ji Sung Park would be much better suited in a ‘like for like’ type swap.

Park may not have the same quick thinking in his feet that Cleverley has but he’s no slouch in the passing department, plus he also has a tenacity that could be an inspiration for the young United midfielder.

Without getting carried away with stats which can be used and abused to prove or disprove almost any point you wish to make, it’s obvious from watching Park, Carrick and Cleverley play which two are the most similar. United’s style this season has been based on energy and movement, don’t get me wrong, Carrick can still be a part of this type of team, although I think Park would be the more suited to fit straight in.

Park was inspirational at the back end of last season and looked in fine form when he came on against Arsenal. Although with the Champions League starting next week, there’s no doubt going to be some chopping and changing of the starting XI, keeping the same team that’s dominated the Premier League so far, together for the upcoming EPL games, would be a step in the right direction.

With the visit of Chelsea and a tricky trip to the Britannia to play Stoke coming up in United’s next two league games, Park for Cleverley could not only help maintain the status quo but also give the South Korean the chance to shine in another ‘big game.’

With Darren Fletcher nearing a first team return, Carrick and Paul Pogba seemingly destined for a chance very soon, Park in for Cleverley in the league makes a lot of sense. The other midfielders can be swapped about for the cup games, whether Sir Alex Ferguson thinks the same remains to be seen.

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8 responses to “Why Park Not Carrick Should Replace Tom Cleverley”

  1. SoccerLimey says:

    I’d agree except that Park has a tendency to “wander” which he can’t afford to do in that role. If that happens, then Rooney drops deeper to help out and we end up falling all over ourselves in midfield.

    The way we are playing right now, I’d move Jones, as much as I’d hate to, into that role. It’s better than him being on the bench which is where he’ll be when Vidic returns.

  2. katmandu says:

    I think Giggs would be the most similar (and best) replacement to continue playing this type of game…

  3. ManUtdNyc says:

    I agree that Giggsy would be the better replacement but he can’t play 90 mins or every game. I would prefer Park over Carrick in the midfield any day.

  4. Aby says:

    I thinks ryan giggs is the best replacement of cleverley in term of passe and creativity

  5. karan says:

    more over id try and use pogba instead of carrick and park…fine all the talk abt experience will come infront but what better to replace a young midfielder than anothr young midfielder….hes ,young, dynamic, can pass and break up play…plus hes a big lad who can stick in a couple of nasty tackles to shake up teams…and most of all he can pass and move vey quickly because of his young legs…id give him a chance against chelsea and see can he go up against the likes of lampard, mata, mikel ,miereles or not!!!!!

  6. Fido says:

    It’s disappointing seeing Carrick back in the team. I have nothing against him as a person. I just hate him in the team. People talk about how good he is sitting in front of the back four and intercepting or whatever. Anyone in the squad can do that role as effectively as Carrick. It’s not like he’s the best at it, it’s just that there’s nothing else he can do for the team. Ever thought about that?

  7. Kashemma says:

    I think moving Jones into that role is definitely the best option for us.
    He has all the attributes required Plus enough energy & agility to pair with Anderson & do great work.