Date: 28th September 2011 at 6:27pm
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Danny Welbeck, Ryan Giggs

Two players who managed to escape many Red's wrath last night

United’s draw with FC Basel last night, was met with the usual anger and disbelief from many Reds. Trawling through the various forums, tweets, blogs and facebook statuses- here’s 50 things we learned from last night’s game via United fan’s opinions.

1. Just read this on the forum
“l’m a FC Basel fan and ManU will smash them into pieces at Old Trafford… my prediction is 5:0 (okay, without Rooney maybe 3:0, lol) Basel is playing without its entire middlefield. Stocker/Yapi are injured and Huggel/Shaqiri are suspended. And Basel is dependent on 19 year old Shaqiri, not so much because of his goals, but of his pace and creativity. Without him = no crossings/passings from the right side. Basel without Shaqiri is a lame duck”

2. Berbatov and Owen both dropped it seem for their poor showing at Stoke.

3. Tonight is a game we should win with ease and looking at the team I have not changed my mind.

4. Even if we win 100-0, it is still the wrong selection.

5. Welbeck, Carrick, Giggs and Anderson all looking good.

6. Our defence is all over the place, we need to get a grip! What has happened to Rio and Evra?!

7. Javier who?

8. Welbeck you little beauty!! That’ll teach all the haters!

9. Quiet half for DDG – let’s keep it like that, not impressed with Basel so far.

10. He’ll shag who he wants…….masterclass from Mr. Giggs -again.

11. Love to see our midfielders pushing forward more, too often they’re sitting back.

12. Am I the only man on the planet who thinks Darron Gibson would’ve shone in this game?

13. This referee is a disgrace, when he’s not getting in the way of United’s passes, he’s giving Basel soft penalties or impeding our players. I never thought I’d pine for Premiership refs.

14. Basel looking fawlty- did you see what I did there?

15. Come back Peter Walton- all is forgiven.

16. Rio!!! Get a grip!!

17. Time for Rio to retire, he’s playing as badly as GNev did in his last few games.

18. Is Evra knackered or is he just sh*t? Lets get real he’s not had a good season since 2009.

19. David De Gea is mint. End of.

21. Its little wonder Fabio hasn’t been playing regularly at RB. He’s been absolutely atrocious.

22. Man City have won more trophies than the Da Silva twins have completed 90 minutes.

23. And that’s why you always have a man on each post.. Fuck’s sake, how many goals in a season could’ve been prevented by having a man on each post?

24. Awful.

25. Rubbish.

26. Sh*te.

27. Crap.

28. Carrick stats: Waved at mate in crowd 92%. Combed hair at HT 97%. Successfully tied up boot laces 100%. Spat on floor 76% (needs to improve)

29. Evra out of position again forcing Jones to commit…

30. Seriously, Evra needs to get his fucking act together, he’s causing our CB’s all sorts of problems with his shit positioning.

31. This is the worst Evra performance in recent memory.

32. Other than Danny Welbeck I can’t think of one good United performance tonite.

33. Young!! How many times are you gonna try and cut inside- try something else you thick tw*t.

34. Young going down far too easily just as he did for Villa.

35. Park, Park wherever you may be!! He runs around a lot and gives us energy but he’s not got enough in the creativity department.

36. Carrick was ace tonite. Back to his best. His stats say it all 97% pass completion rate 28/28 forward passes.

37. Carrick was sh*t again. No balls on that man, time to fook him off in January.

38. Nani should have started. Never mind the fact that Wazza’s out. There’s no excuses.

39. Phil Jones is great going forward but he’s a liability at the back. He should be moved into midfield once the injuries in defence clear up.

40. Nani has put some blinding crosses tonight. 3 of them so far.

41. Na na na na na na na Ashley Ashley Young, Ashley Young Ashley, Ashley Young!! If he’s not United class then I don’t know who is!

42. Berbatov ffs!! Typically rubbish in the CL! Why didn’t you square it?!!

43. Rio was a joke tonite, ditto Jones, Carrick, Evra, Fabio, Anderson, Valencia and Park. Anyone that thinks we’ve got a great ‘squad’ needs to lay off the crack.

44. Maybe we should re-sign Tevez……

45. De Gea nearly beaten from 80 yards. Roy Carroll anyone?

46. On reflection a complete mess at the back, poor from midfield and predictable from out wide.

47. Jones, Fabio, and Evra were all over the shop. Even Rio was off, but he’s not played recently so I’ll forgive him. One of the worse defensive performances for a long time. If you keep swapping around your back four though, I suppose that it’s inevitable.

48. Tevez has saved us from all the headlines.

49. Chelsea, Stoke and tonight the warning signs are there- we need to improve. Thank god its Norwich on Saturday.

50. We need a CM!! Hurry back Tom Cleverley. Ando poor for the third game running.

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3 responses to “50 Things We Learned From United vs Basel Via The Angry Red Social Network”

  1. sh_V says:

    12. Am I the only man on the planet who thinks Darron Gibson would’ve shone in this game?
    this one bring me here

    am also belive he is more effective in matches like this.. We(ME and you 🙂 ?) miss him

  2. Jacob says:

    Jones is very good but he should know that he’s a defender not attacking midfield. He should try be be in his position if we have our cushion otherwise, Rio can handle alone in case of counter attack. I don’t remember any game where Evra’s movement upfront brought in a goal, he should remain behind as well

  3. reddevil4ever says:

    Great write up.