Date: 8th October 2011 at 4:24pm
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Rooney Red Card

Cue outrage from the national media

England qualified for Euro 2012 last night with a draw in Montenegro that was enough to see them top the group by six points having played a game more than there rivals.

Wayen Rooney was sent off in the second half for kicking out at Miodrag Dzudovic when the score was 2-1 to England.

The red card means Rooney’s likely to miss the opening two games of the European Championships, which while a blow to England’s chances, doesn’t mean there’s no point in even turning up.

The national press don’t see it that way though, with practically all the early morning headlines devoted to chastising Rooney for being a ‘stupid boy.’

Former England fringe player Jamie Redknapp couldn’t wait to stick the knife into Rooney noting: “Everybody keeps saying Wayne has learnt his lesson, but he clearly hasn’t. It’s a devastating blow for us- and the whole tournament.”

Meanwhile his dad ‘Arry Redknapp took time off from being parked outside Spurs’ training ground to comment:

“I guess he had his angry head on….he could be missing for the entire group stage and the rush of blood could end up costing England dearly”

The Mail chose to focus on the effects the recent arrest of Rooney’s father and uncle may have had on him:

Wayne Rooney failed to keep control of his emotions last night as he was sent off in shame during England’s match against Montenegro – the day after his father and uncle were arrested and bailed in connection with a ‘football betting scam’.

Then this non-sequitur:

The £180,000-a-week Manchester United star, who is worth £37million,-?- lost control 17 minutes from time and kicked out at Miodrag Dzudovic.

While we can hardly expect the national press to be fully supportive of Rooney most United fans will be disappointed he’s now the focus of so much negative attention at a time when he’s been performing superbly for the club.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t affect his United form, especially with the trip to Anfield on the horizon.

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One response to ““It’s All Been Overshadowed By Rooney’s Red Card””

  1. RedScot says:

    I always thought the biggest club in the world should have dumped him, after all he contradicted the ‘THE MOST BRILLIANT MANAGER EVER’.Our boss decided to stick and recognise the clear talent(with all off his field issues sorted)-numerous!.He is a fantastic player clearly, young and many more fabulous years to serve for UNITED.
    Moi personally, dont care about Ingurland national team- other than tak the piss( I am sweaty sock) so room for loads of banter and digs and wind ups?
    For anybody that knows me yes I did have a braw holiday, my @ss got tanned as expected! pmsl.
    I just think in my heart, rewatching the Ingurland game, where have the men gone.I like most lads must think when challenging for a tackle, it aint their now, its a joke.Its not appeninng in preliminary stages of a serious competition till the sponduliks kick in, in a big way.Anyhow….. God bless all.And for all grow up.Its a fucking