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Old Trafford- with fans still there

Old Trafford- with fans still there

It’s always a messy affair when you poke your nose into other people’s relationships; usual responses are along the lines of:

“WTF has it got to do with you?”

“It’s complicated”

“You’ve got some nerve the amount of kids you’ve had behind your wives back”

And so on and so forth, it’s never the nose pokers business; their opinion is null and void. So how does that relate when judging fellow fans relationships with our club? To inevitably alienate myself from a large demographic of United fans I used to be against people not supporting your local club, regardless of how shit they were. My view was one of if they weren’t from Manchester then you have got no right supporting Manchester United; my views have somewhat changed having being all around Europe and met and drank and sang and drank with many Reds who were from all walks of life. Their obvious love for the club warmed a cold heart to a few cockney reds here and there. My view nowadays is if you go to the games; dedicate the significant time, energy and money it takes to follow United then you’re as much of a United fan as me regardless that I was born in Longsight and you were born in Libya. Contributing love and support for the same cause is all that United fans should expect of each other but last Sunday was a fucking disgrace, and I’m not talking about the score line.

Not one for generally dabbling in the sadistic I nevertheless watched last Sundays game in its entirety again last night; I needed to try and get some clarity of how we went wrong, what tactics needed we to employ but it was in vein. Last weeks score line reflected exactly what went on, on the pitch; it was footballs Ron seal. What turned my stomach more than Noncini’s grimace was how empty the stands were with 25minutes still left on the clock; aren’t we the ones who sing “the council house is never full…” and “The city is yours? 20,000 empty seats are you fucking sure?”

There is a clip of a bloke with the October Sun bouncing of his bald bonce leaving the ground; his face, reflected the thoughts of millions of Reds around the world, his actions reflected a small minority. I haven’t met baldy nor a fan yet who walked out early but if/when I do I will be asking “What do you do when your wife’s ill, or your kids, or your dogs been run over and he’s just not going to make it?” Walking out like that last week, for me, was the equivalent of your old Nan being at death’s door in hospital and leaving early because she wasn’t going to make it, what’s the point in hanging around, I’ll get the Metro back to town and beat the rush.

This has significance on several levels:

1) How do you think the players are going to respond to people heading for the hills like the bubonic plague had hit? If we, the fans, can’t be arsed then how are the players going to respond to the only noise in the ground coming from seats closing? We are there to instil support (confidence and gratitude when things are going well, condolence and reassurance when they are not); support does not mean celebrate when you’re winning and whinge and fuck off early when you are not. I would not like to be friends with anyone with such ethics, heaven knows where I’d find you if I needed a shoulder.

2) How does it look to our rivals, and in front of our bitterest rivals at that? How can you have the nerve to sing and mock other clubs attendance records when you behave like that? What sort of signal does that shout out? Old Trafford (bar the Stretford End) already has the reputation of being something of a ghost town, why not play into the hands of such critics

3) Other, less fortunate fans would’ve killed to be at Old Trafford, good, bad or indifferent result. I’ve had the benefit of seeing United fans from poverty stricken parts of Asia who watch are nuts about United; some areas in Indonesia watch games as a community (30+) on one television. To go to Old Trafford is a lifetime ambition for a lot of them and they will NEVER be able to go and the baldy cowards of this world can quite gladly dismiss the privileged position they are in.

The problem with A LOT of United fans is they’ve been spoilt rotten for years and have an expectancy level that is not physically sustainable. When they fail to reach such heights fans throw their dummy out of the ground and head off early doors; I’d hate to see United ever to be relegated again or competing for a lesser league spot but it’d siphon some of the shit from the stands. These same fans, I’ll hazard a guess, booed Michael Carrick from the stands when he got possession earlier on in the season. Spoilt brats, the fucking lot of them, it was an exercise in cowardice and every ticket holder who walked should be revoked of a ticket against Sunderland.

To walk out of any United game when you consider yourself a fan is inexcusable, you should wait until the whistle then leave. Bitch and whinge after the game, in the pub, at the missus; this is the team we are all supposed to love and who we’ll “fight, fight, fight” for, from the River Irwell not flee when it gets too difficult.

A friend of mine got interviewed by GM.TV before he flew out to Moscow for the European Cup Final, another of the bunch had informed the presenter that my friends’ baby was due the same day and his wife was going into slow labour, the presenter asked “and what does your wife thing about you flying off to Russia?” His answer:

“Well, you have to get your priorities straight, don’t you?”

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