Date:28th November 2011 at 4:40pm
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David Beckham

Becks- still a Red.

David Beckham has shown he’s still a massive red at heart by claiming City don’t have a chance of winning the Premier League.

Despite the five point gap the ‘Noisy Neighbours’ have opened up and THAT derby result, Becks still believes United will a 20th title thise season.

Speaking to reporters in Japan, the former United star stated:

I don’t think Manchester City have a chance. This season they have got a good team and have some good players, but Manchester United have more experience and know how to win a championship.”

Although it’s easy to dismiss Beckham’s statement as the rantings of unashamed United fan, the point about experience is a valid one. In the past, United have always been more dominant towartds ‘squeeky bum time’ when the fact that the players are used to being in a title race can often work in our favour.

City have made a tremendous start and there’s no denying that if United are to stop them then we need to keep up the pressure over the next few weeks when Roberto Mancini’s men have some tough fixtures.

The weekend’s failure to close the gap, was disappointing but on the plus side, it is only November and as Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all foudn out in the past, being top by a distance in winter doesn’t always guarantee the title.

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