Date: 14th November 2011 at 4:11pm
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Paddy Crerand Sir Alex Ferguson

"ah come from Govin"

Dont worry Sir Alex and Paddy haven’t fallen out over which was the tougher player.

The United boss was giving Paddy a playful slap at last night’s Scottish football hall of fame dinner, where the former United midfielder was being inducted. Finally. Someone once wrote of Crerand “when Paddy plays well, United play well.” How we could use a tough, clever midfielder of his stature now.

spoke of the importance of Darren to the Scottish cause, noting:

“Darren was under-rated in Manchester for quite some time.

I saw him when he first came to the club at 15 or 16 and fancied him straight away as a player.

“He is a bit ungainly but he has a great football brain and his range of passing is terrific. A lot of people in Manchester didn’t realise or respect what he had at first and it took the fans two or three years to realise.

“He even got some abuse at the beginning, but the fans certainly respect what he is all about now.”

“Darren is a very important player for Scotland. 

 “Darren is so committed in everything he does and he is a tremendous professional — he will get a hundred caps easily.”

If could recapture his 2009 form, then United’s midfield problems would cease almost overnight, whether that’s possible remains to be seen.

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