Date: 20th November 2011 at 10:20am
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Could Darron Gibson become key?

The return of Darron Gibson. Well it may not be too far off. Having made his return from a lengthy injury sustained in August just this week for the Manchester United reserve team, could Darron Gibson finally make the kind of meaningful impact that he had once hoped he would? 

It wouldn’t be too surprising to know that Darron Gibson isn’t particularly a fans favourite. This is highlighted by the fact that he was hounded off twitter following the abuse that he recieved, hours after creating an account on it earlier this year. More supporters of Manchester United probably have Bébé’s name on their replica shirts than Gibson’s. Having made only 58 appearances for Manchester United by the age of 24 it is safe to say that he has never really been considered as a regular. Darron Gibson has never really had a decent run in the first team. With Tom Cleverley’s injury which has ruled him out until Christmas and Anderson’s dip in form coinciding with Darron Gibson’s return from injury, could Darron Gibson finally get a decent run in the first team?

It is not really news that Darron Gibson could have left Manchester United this summer. In fact, Sunderland had a bid accepted for Darron Gibson however this transfer eventually fell through. The manager santioning such a deal hints that Darron Gibson was seen as surplus to requirements but with recent deficiencies in the centre of midfield, will Sir Alex Ferguson see the availability of Darron Gibson as a godsend?

Probably not, but the option is there for him should he wish to use it. Personally, I’ve never thought that he was a particularly bad player. It is worth noting that with 10 goals in his 58 appearances for Manchester United, Darron Gibson does actually have the best goals per game ratio out of all the central midfielders. He has had some average performances for Manchester United, as have other central midfielders, but he has also had some stand-out games. The game vs Schalke in the Champions league semi final 2nd leg last season comes to mind. A brilliantly productive game for Darron Gibson, who scored 1 and assisted 1.

Another that comes to my mind is that game against Bayern Munich the season before when he opened the scoring. He has shown glimpses of what he is capable of against equally capable opposition and so if he is given a chance to show it on a more regular basis, is it too far-fetched to imagine that he will flourish?

Although admittedly I am not his biggest fan, I do believe that should he be given a chance, he will indeed flourish. As a player who has come up through the Manchester United youth system, I do not think that leaving Manchester United would be something that will appeal to him. The realisation of how close he came to leaving last summer may be somewhat of a wake-up call for Darron Gibson. I can’t envisige anything will spur him on more and so I do believe that, given the chance, Darron Gibson will make a meaningful impact at Manchester United.

Do you agree? Should Darron Gibson be given a run in the first team? Would it be better to give youth a chance ahead of him? Should Darron Gibson be sold as soon as possible? Feel free to comment below.

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20 responses to “The Return Of Darron Gibson”

  1. John Tring says:

    OMG, what a Monday!!!! This would be the worst morning since City hammered us at home. Gibson is back? Where? Near OT??? Please, we are doing badly enough, thank you. The competition will hot up again soon then. To decide who’s the worst ever Utd player. Between Gibson and Evans!! If SAF even thinks of playing this fellow, it will well and truly mean SAF has totally lost it. Everytime the team comes out, we cringe to see if Evans’ name is on it…now to fear a double dose?

  2. Sapir says:

    It’s worth a shot. I mean, our midfield sucks anyway (Fletcher, Anderson and Carrick when he’s not on form).
    I really pray that we’ll get a midfielder in the upcoming transfer window.

  3. sh_V says:

    give him his final chances @ manutd.. wait and see

  4. Tom Ward says:

    Gibson is united’s best midfielder
    Give the guy a proper chance for once
    Great article pal
    Anderson and carrick are pretty bad

  5. NArin says:

    Yes, I think if he get a chance in first team, he would flourish for Man utd that its stubborn manager doesnt want to buy a midfield. I hope , Gibson try hard when he will be given a chance