Date: 21st December 2011 at 11:30am
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One response to “[Picture] FA Reveal New Anti-Racism Poster”

  1. RedScot says:

    Fool Who.0. United 5.
    On topic I am as shy as crazy.I dont type much, but understand (I think) the sentiments in Cannon Jons mocked up picture.
    The FA had their opportunity, to show willing, and make a stance. To me its a joke, Liverpool and United hate aside, there are bigger issues here, to be taken on board for all the British public and the world.
    Ignorance in describing some one as this or that, in a degrading manner, is abuse, and insulting.
    I had my full lot, as a loyal and true Red supporter on the 7 Cantonas web site, discussing/debating meant to be on Roy Keane.The names I was called, from alledged older fans than myself.I gave my view, I supported it without abuse( swearing) to anybody on the forum.I just think the whole, world is fighting one another.To be top of the stage, and not recognise we do it as a team.
    My point really on Liverpool and Luis Suarez, I blame the club, for not training him, although he has been in the Eridvise and Europe for 4 years.
    As to what is acceptable and not in the UK.
    Coach your players in the countries practice and what is tolerated.
    All in context of course, If I new you, as a mate, I called you a B******D, with my cheeky wicked smile as normal, you know i am capering.My Sellick mates know and just smile, and call me a Red C..t.Its all, in context.
    The FA,in my opinion, as I said on the 7Cantonas, at the time. Shoot in foot.