Five Things We Learned – Manchester City vs United (FA Cup)

4) Lindegaard displayed a case of the nerves

For all the bashing of David De Gea that seems to have gone on in recent games for some high profile errors, many called for Lindegaard to take the number 1 jersey, evidenced by his clean sheets and generally looking more assured than the young Spaniard. I believe De Gea to hold much potential for the future and still believe he will come good as his development continues but did state that for the time being, the Danish alternative should be given time in goals due to greater experience and a cooler head in tense situations. However, even he struggled under the weight of the occasion, his day not beginning in the best fashion early on and being at fault for the second goal. On crosses he struggled to assert himself and looked vulnerable, proving a case in point of the nerves throughout the side as the game drew to a close. Although not terribly encouraging we must keep in mind he also is young and has not been exposed to such situations regularly either, adding weight to those backing De Gea.

5) United take the spoils, but Mancini is the happier manager

3 goals to the good at half time with the opposition down to 10 men, United are cruising and Sir Alex Ferguson will have expected his side to see the game out or pile yet more misery on rivals City. However, what he got instead was a response from Mancini’s men, with careless play leading to his side conceding 2 goals and setting up and extremely tight finish as City were able to get forward and pressurise the back line. Given that Mancini brought off Silva and Johnson for two defensively minded players in Zabaleta and Savic, such a response will have certainly given him something to be pleased about in his men and will have left the ground happier with his side and probably angry with certain refereeing decisions. Ferguson in the meantime, will likely feel more disappointed at the inability to close the game out in the second half, than the astonishing and clinical play that gave his side a 3 goal lead in the first half. Complacency and the ways in which the goals were conceded as well as the pressure City put his side under in the closing moments will have left him unhappy overall with the performance, despite the underlying happiness that a third straight defeat was avoided and his side had gone through to the next round. Positives for the day? Wayne Rooney was fired up for the game after recent speculation regarding his fitness and his desire to stay at the club. Valencia displayed his importance to the side, in particular with a superb cross for Rooney’s first goal. Smalling was a welcome return to the side and put in a decent performance at centre back. Welbeck also deserves a mention for his quality volley to give his side a 2 goal lead, as well as looking impressive and providing a danger throughout.

So United go through, although unable to exact revenge quite as they would have hoped for THAT defeat at Old Trafford, they will still be glad to have made it through to the next round of the FA Cup at the expense of their fierce rivals, albeit not in the smoothest way possible. Places to improve but a lift on recent performances against Blackburn and Newcastle with room for improvement.

7 responses to “Five Things We Learned – Manchester City vs United (FA Cup)”

  1. Justin Mottershead says:

    You could have added Fergie’s tactics baffle yet again this season.

    Taking off Nani and bringing on Scholes who despite being a legend hasn’t kicked a ball all season, when the game was at 3-1 with half an hour left to play was a bizarre decision. Giggs was knackered on the left and became totally ineffective.

    Then he takes off the energetic Welbeck for Anderson?!

    It could have been five or six nil but instead United sat back and invited pressure and for that I blame the manager.

    • Zayd says:

      Very valid point, I think the logic was to play conservatively, taking out Nani who may leave them prone, however to give Scholes that much time was asking a bit considering he hasn’t played in a while and a decision that could have had dire consequences.

  2. Titanyk says:

    SAF subbed nani and welbeck because they were both on yellow cards. The game was in a sense won at that point but we did get sloppy so in hind sight it was a bad move. Foye was having a poor game officiating so nani and welbeck could have easily seen a second yellow for any type of silly challenge which would make it 10 v 10 and risk a 1 game suspension for 2 very key players.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      both were booked in the first half so to take them off, especially Welbeck with only 15 left seems a bit daft. If anyone was likely to get a second yellow it was Evra. Also he could have brought on Chicharito to maintain some impetus or put rafael at rb and moved jones into midfield.

  3. steve says:

    I have to say this,yesterday I was very happy after kicking man city’s ass.this season we lost almost triple to them,and whiping there ass yesterday was worth the thing I learned from that mch is that fergs he doesn’t hav to let veterans play the huge match like that steve from capetown,SA I love MAN UNITED

  4. John Tring says:

    We also learned Utd lack quality all over the pitch, especially defence and midfield. It was rather difficult to recognize which side had 10 men on, particularly in the 2nd half. Scholes return just smacks of utter desperation equal to Henry at Arse. Dear SAF, this is not going to work…