Date: 13th January 2012 at 2:31pm
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I never thought I’d say this but I’m actually sick of hearing about Ravel Morrison and Paul Pogba. It seems neither players are too keen with life at Old Trafford and could both be on their way in the January transfer window.

Naturally I hope both hugely gifted teenagers decide to put pen to paper on new contracts and stay with the Reds, but should they leave I won’t be losing too much sleep over it. Playing for United is all about desire, recently there was a video doing the rounds of a young Danny Welbeck getting taught a few tricks from Ruud Van Nistelrooy at Old Trafford. “I’ve got that DVD” our kid shouted as I showed him the clip on Youtube. He dug it out and we watched it as various United players, Scholes, both Neviiles, Ruud, Giggs, Ronaldo, put the United youngsters- and I do mean youngsters as they were about 12- through their paces. Then it was Keano’s turn, no, he didn’t make any crunching tackles or scream at them until they cried, but he did give them sound advice. The sort of advice Morrison and Pogba could do with heeding.  ‘Playing for United isn’t just about talent” Keano noted, “you’ve all got talent but so have a lot of boys, what it takes to succeed here, is desire, you need to want it more than anything.”

There’s no denying that both Morrison and Pogba have talent, more than most other footballers their age, but do they have the desire? The desire to succeed at the very top? One player who does have that desire and also the talent is Ryan Tunnicliffe. With all the Morrison/Pogba hype this season, Tunnicliffe’s been busy getting a real schooling on loan at Peterborough.

Tunnicliffe’s gone from the fringes of the Posh team, coming on as a sub, making the odd start, to forcing his way into the starting XI- he’s started the last three games on the spin. Tunnicliffe has impressed that much at London Road, that he’s had his loan extended until the end of the season. Although he’s benefitted from an injury to Grant McCann, the youngster has been on great form and was praised by Darren Ferguson for a solid display in the 1-0 win over Coventry last month.

Tunnicliffe is an old-style box-to-box midfielder in the Roy Keane/Bryan Robson mould, not afraid to get stuck in with his tackles but with a great eye for a pass and a decent shot on him. Although in the past he has been criticised for letting his enthusiasm get the better of him with certain challenges, he seems to have worked on that aspect of his game and is now committing far less fouls, yet still making important tackles.

I first saw Tunnicliffe last season for the academy and was instantly impressed at a player that looked to be something of a ‘man playing against boys’ such was his strength and determination. Although the press may have been drooling  over the likes of Pogba and Morrison it was Tunnicliffe who picked up the ‘Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year’ award, as United triumphed in the coveted  FA Youth Cup.

This season, going on loan to Peterborough has been the perfect footballing education for the nineteen year-old as he’s learnt his trade in one of the toughest divisions there is as well as learning the value of patience and determination in earning his place in the starting line-up. While Morrison and Pogba have been stalling over new contracts and being the subject of various transfer rumours, the  young lad from Bury, has been proving to both Sir Alex and his son Darren , who’s managing him at Posh, that he’s destined for a very bright future. The return of Paul Scholes, until the end of the season has been seen by many as a stop gap till the Summer when Sir Alex will whip out his cheque book and sign a big ‘star’ to come into the United midfield and sweep all before him. I’m just wondering whether Fergie hasn’t been told by his son, or seen for himself, that by next season Tunnicliffe may well be ready to fight for a place in United’s starting XI. Pogba and Morrison may be getting all the press this season, but it’s Tunnicliffe who’s been getting all the plaudits and as Keano advised those youngsters many years ago, has shown the desire needed to make it at Manchester United.

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23 responses to “Forget Pogba & Morrison This United Youngster Is The Real Deal”

  1. Bash says:

    Instead of unveiling them (Pogba & Morrison) we brought back 37 year old Scholes (No disrespect to scholesy) but does Fergie really trust “young people” as he always says. If they were at Arsenal they would have been playing by now, look at Ramsey, Fabregas, Wilshere to mention but a few. They are old enough, give them their chance. I don’t blame them, its the desire that is pushing them, the desire to prove themselves. Dont forget Rossi and many others we let slip through our fingers.

    • rmoore says:

      Yeah and arsenal have won loads in the last few years.

    • Mac1 says:

      @Bash – What a stupid comment. Have you watched these guys play? If you had you would see they are far from ready for the first team. Bags of potential yes, but that’s it at the moment. To suggest Fergie doesn’t trust kids is just clueless and naive. He sold Mark Hughes, Andrei Kanchelskis and Paul Ince as he knew that the likes of Beckham,butt,scholes,neville etc were ready to take us to the next leve. Have some faith for god sake.

      What has genius Wenger won with the kids he promoted. Will they be burnt out in 5 years. Has Walcott progressed under him? I think I would rather trust the guy who brought giggs into the side at 17 and has seen him remain there for the last 20 years.

      As for letting Rossi and others slip through our fingers. What exactly has he done. Hes a good player but no better than we have. Pique is in a defence where I would look good and other than that who else have we let slip? I would rather have the kid from Mexico and Phil Jones in the squad.

      If agents think there so called superstars who have yet to achieve anything in the game can hold a club to ransom then they are not the kind of player I want to support. Remember Scholes has never even has an agent. Don’t blame the club for greed.

      People with short memories.

      • RedScot says:

        Exactly Mack.If they were good enough they would have played.Faith for Gods sake.Spot on.So many United supporters with knee jerk reactions.
        I like you now.Javier Hernandez and Phil Jones( wont call him big Phil at 5’11’ lol) un seen on the United radar.As the boss said we dont telegraph our intended signings.
        Like the comparisons to Arsenal. lol.

  2. Mjau says:

    If they’re good enough they’re old enough. I just think that SAF doesn’t think their heads on right and I tend to agree.

    • RedScot says:

      They have been swayed bye the media mate.I still think Sir Alex will put his arm around them and encourage them to stay at the biggest club in the world.Dont you?

  3. James says:

    We didnt let rossi slip through, he wasnt and still isnt good enough for the top of the premier league.

    As for the arsenal/wenger argument, how many trophies have they won recently? And what other choice has wenger had with the small squad he assembled other than to play the youth?

    • RedScot says:

      Spot on about Rossi mate.Not many slip through the United net.
      Arsenal in saying all this is a financially well run football club.No trophies to support this prudence.Sir Alex with lack of funds and being he, the greatest ever Premiership manager, keeps the club in the challenge.

  4. RedScot says:

    Firstly I actually dislike posting on an article that is a ‘top’ article on Newsnow.To me it shows you need a stage.Which I dont.I know many United supporters do this.No names or pack drill.

    On topic.I cant see just yet why we should say goodbye to either Paul or Ravel.Nothing is certain in football.These lads I believe are allowing the hype they have recieved at an early age get to them.They possibly believe via mediums like Twitter and the ‘not in the know’ press that they are the real deal.
    Their football agents likely lack scruples, leading them up the garden path.To nowhere.
    Not many leave United and actually crack it at a bigger or prouder club than Manchester United.
    Gerard Pique one at Barcelona.Ronaldo wanted to leave because , his choice to join his boyhood ‘dream’ club.Diego Forlan failed effectively at United.
    Found his niche again in Spain.

    Ryan Tunnicliffe is the box to box midfielder we might see next season.The courage of a man in the tackle.A raging powerhouse when driving forward.Built like a brick s**** house.
    Some describe him as a beast.Compared also to Roy Keane bye some fearless.
    We are all fretting over the midfield at United and lacking in the engine room.I think as normal, maybe I am blinkered when thinking of the manager.He plans, he looks forward , he prepares not only for tommorow or next week, for the foreseeable future in terms of years.
    Lets hope Ryan Tunnicliffe continues with his progress at the Posh.It might just be the link we are craving for in Uniteds key area of the team.
    Possibly another Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley, leave as a might be.Return as a United player that fits our Clubs great profile.

  5. realist says:

    “does fergie really trust youngsters as he always says”……..have you had your head stuck up your ass for the last few decades or something?!
    welbeck,rooney,chico,nani,giggs,scholes,fletcher, cleverley,anderson,evans,smalling, jones,fabio, rafael, de gea, were all purchased or brought through the ranks at a young age(15-20 year olds) most have premier lg and/or champions lg winners medals…….since when have arsenal ever won anything with kids?! :s

  6. realist says:

    p.s. if their attitude and desire match their ability then they get to play….if not they dont, very simple really!

  7. Maui says:

    It’s easy to say if they’re good enough let them play. The thing is though these guys were in the youth team last year, which was to be fair a great season to watch. However they only started in the reserves 5 months ago where we have players that i believe are better.
    Sure they’ve shown talent but have no experience at the top level. In this title race against the oposition we play can you really blame Fergie? Tunnicliffe may get his chance next year if he keeps improving.
    If Pogba and morrison want to prove themselves they should be asking for loans to other clubs like so many of our young players have always done. Maybe they should seek advice from our more experienced first team players.
    Sorry for the essay but theres way too much hype then media attention for some 18 year olds that play football. Nice to see something positive about our other younger players though.

    • RedScot says:

      Well said mate.Something positive about players that want to play for United, Ryan Tunnicliffe.

  8. rolo says:

    @bash…maybe these kids arnt ready yet?? Ramsey,Fabregas and Wilshere may have started playing for arsenal at a young age,but what have they won? Fergie will play them when HE thinks theyre ready and not before.

    • RedScot says:

      @ Rolo, would you give me your last one. lol
      Cya lads, keep it real.
      Cmon you Reds.
      Off to the boozer.

  9. Djunfitforwork says:

    Pogba has seemed disinterested this season. Morrison is a major talent and maybe a few appearances might focus him onto football and away from other stuff.

  10. Aadescholes says:

    Will be sad to see Ravel going out? But it will be sadder if he stays and srews the head other talents coming through. I hope he gets his head right and progress as predicted