Date: 31st January 2012 at 12:48am
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Is Jose The Right Man?

Over the past few days reports from Spain has emerged that Jose Mourinho is thinking of leaving Real Madrid to head to the Premier League at the end of the season. This had subsequently sparked debate on social networking sites on whether he would be the right sucessor to Sir Alex Ferguson’s throne or not.

The resulting views were mixed, however it’s my personal view is that the next manager of Manchester United should be Jose Mourinho and I would not considering anyone else at all. For me, he is the only choice.

Firstly I begin with counter-arguments against Jose Mourinho. The ‘youth’ point. Manchester United’s focus has always been on youth players. Bringing in or developing our own young players. There are not too many examples of Jose Mourinho doing such a thing so you must ask yourself why that is? Every club that Jose Mourinho has been to has demanded short term success. His main priority has always been to win silverware. At Chelsea, we all know exactly what is expected. A barren season generally means that you are shown out of the door.

At Inter Milan he was tasked with bringing in the European Cup. After years of domestic glory, Inter Milan’s board wanted European Cup success. At Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho’s task is to bring in major silverware despite the presence of Barcelona who are possibly the greatest club side in history. Currently he is on the verge of completing that task.

Using youth in completing such a task would’ve been a big risk for Jose Mourinho. His job was for short term success. Each board wanted to bring in major silverware as soon as possible. Each club had no real long term plan. This brings me up to my next point; the longevity issue. Jose Mourinho has not managed to stay at any club for a lengthy period of time yet. He has been in the management game for around 12 years and has already been in charge of 6 clubs.

Jose Mourinho’s failure to settle at a club has been alarming. It is understandable why he would decide to move on from jobs in Portugal but having been at 3 very big clubs in Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid you have to ask yourself why he hasn’t been able to settle down at any of those clubs. Under the unexperienced owner Roman Abramovich it is easy to see why Jose Mourinho didn’t last. After spending the money Roman Abramovich had, any trophyless season was sure to end in him losing his job.

At all 3 of the bigger clubs that Jose Mourinho has managed he has never been afforded full control. It’s widely reported that some signings made under his tenure at Chelsea were Roman Abramovich signings. At Inter Milan and Real Madrid he has also not been afforded full control. On top of that his relationship with the respective media has been equally frosty. The freedom of control at Manchester United that Sir Alex Ferguson is afforded is sure to be something that Jose Mourinho is envious of. It is sure to be something that Mourinho himself would love. It is this freedom which I think will see Jose Mourinho finally settle down at a club and imprint his own personality onto them.

Some people are under the impression that Jose Mourinho teams play defensive. This season, Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid have scored 70 goals in 20 games, 11 goals more than Barcelona who beat Manchester United in the Champions League final last summer. I don’t believe I have to address this point further, though I think that Jose Mourinho is a manager who when he goes to a club, he continues their philosophy and brings a winning mentality to it. This is something I believe he will do for Manchester United if he is given the opportunity to. Jose Mourinho is a manager who adapts to a club and makes it work.

Other people will cite to his discipline as being something that goes against Jose Mourinho’s chances of taking over the job. Personally I do not see this as a problem. The old adage of learning from your mistakes applies here. I’m quite confident that in the aftermath of the confrontation with Barcelona assistant manager Tito Vilanova, he will have known that he was in the wrong. I doubt that this will be something that he will be doing again.

Why would I consider only Jose Mourinho for the Man Utd job? Why do I not believe that there are any alternatives? Imagine this current Manchester United team being managed by a manager of lesser ability than that of Sir Alex Ferguson. Imagine where this current Manchester United team would be in the league without the man who is possibly the greatest manager in history. There are not too many managers around of Sir Alex Ferguson’s calibre, however Jose Mourinho is one of the very few around who are. For this reason, Jose Mourinho would be the only manager I would consider to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Jose Mourinho is a winner. He is one of the best managers. In addition to this, Jose Mourinho’s will of becoming the next Manchester United manager is somewhat public knowledge. There is no other manager like Sir Alex Ferguson, he is one of a kind. The only manager I believe who has the ego, confidence and ability to succeed such a man is Jose Mourinho. In my mind there is no doubt that Jose is the right man for Manchester United.

Do you agree with me? Do you think that Jose Mourinho should be Man Utd’s next manager? Feel free to comment below

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  1. ribcage says:

    oh it’s awaiting moderation, my bad, cos it sometimes appear, sometimes it does not

  2. Greenhoff 77 says:

    Why not maureenrinho

    Beacause he a grade A, first class egotistical, jumped up, toss piece,

    the self proclaimed “special one”

    Manchester united fans proclaim he is our next manager,

    i say if he is you will all rue the day.

  3. After the reign of the almighty sir Alex, i think the best successor to the trone of mr Alex in my opinion should be josy Morinho for as long as the united policy & tradition is concern fergy will still be a back room figure even after retirement

  4. jasongrimsley says:

    let him cum to man u is the right manger for my man u