Date: 21st January 2012 at 10:57am
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Mancini waves a yellow,or is it a red?

Mancini waves a yellow,or is it a red?

To start on a serious note. A congratulations to Anne Williams, and all involved, on getting the 100,000 signatures see needed for her e-petition. At a time when football rivalry is at its worse, its was great to see fans from all clubs get behind a great cause and make something important happen.

Manchester United beat Bolton 3-0 last weekend, with Paul Scholes among the scorers. Chelsea immediately stuck in a £50 million bid . Manchester City beat Wigan 1-0, although morally, it should have been 1-1. Arsenal lost 3-2 to Swansea, although they had 9 players out injured. Imagine that, 9 players injured, that’s never happened before.

Roberto Mancini has been waving imaginary cards again. He may need to find himself an imaginary credit card to wave about soon. Despite an injury ‘crisis’ that even Stockport County could cope with, Mancini is looking to add to his squad. However, it would seem that the Manchester City owners are reluctant to spend big, again.

There was another El Classico this week. Pepe, Ramos, Iniesta, Cesc, Karim and Serigo all showed why we love the Spanish game. In the same week as the Golden Globes, you would be forgiven not knowing the difference, thanks to the play acting.

It emerged this week that Andre Villas-Boas would like to have a ‘Chelsea B’ team in the Football League, as he believes it would help with their youth development. Chelsea fans are confused, as they thought they have been watching ‘Chelsea B’ all season.

It appears as though David De Gea may need laser surgery to fix a long standing problem with his sight. In a similar move, John Henry has demand Kenny Dalglish also get surgery to fix his sight, after agreeing to spend £35 million on Andy Carroll, despite seeing him play.

And finally. David Beckham has signed a new 2 year deal with L.A Galaxy. He turned down a mega bucks move to PSG, saying “I don’t fancy moving to Holland”


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