Date: 22nd January 2012 at 7:00pm
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Super Sunday, certainly lived up to its billing as Manchester did the double over North London, with City beating Spurs 3-2 at Eastlands and United beating Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates.

In the early kick off City were 2-0 up against Spurs before the Londoners came back to make it 2-2 however, there was some controversy.

Joleon Lescott appeared to smash his forearm into Younus Kaboul’s face, while Mario Balotelli seemed to stamp on Scott Parker’s head.

To compound Spurs’ misery Balotelli then went  on to score the penalty which won the game for City.

The question on everyone’s lips- not least us Reds, was ‘should Lescott and Balotelli have been sent off?

‘Arry Redknapp certainly thought the young Italian should’ve been sent off , the Spurs manager told Sky Sports:

“It looked like a penalty, I’ve not seen a replay – but the boy who scored the penalty shouldn’t have been on the pitch,” Redknapp said.

“He kicked Scott Parker in the head. He does it a lot, he backheeled him in the face and cut his head. No one can make excuses that he didn’t do it, anyone can see he did do it.”

It’s decisions like today that can win or lose titles, although its only January, if City do prevail, then we may look back at thsee decisions as being seminal.

Were Lescott and Balotelli lucky? Have a look at these pics and make your own mind up.

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130 responses to “[Pictures] Did These Decisions Hand The Title To Manchester City?”

  1. Slacker says:

    It’s interesting to read the opinions of all the Spuds fans above, some in favour of banning Balotelli, some not.

    Funny how none of them seem to have noticed Scott Parker’s persistent foul play throughout the game, in particular the awful lunge at Micah Richards. If he’d been sent off when he should have been he wouldn’t have been there for Super Mario to stand on LOL.

    • Stoney says:

      Another foolish and embarrassing comment posted by a half whit. What school of thinking do you people come from? It’s frightening that you’re allowed out in public. I’m presuming you wander amongst us. Perhaps you’re posting from your cell in strangeways. If not, don’t worry people, it won’t be long before the authorities catch up with slacker. He’s obviously not clever enough to allude capture for long. I gladly pay my taxes to lock up people who endorse thuggish and violent behaviour as well as endulge in it.

      • Slacker says:

        So you condemn Balotelli’s actions (quite rightly) yet condone the persistent foul play of Scott Parker as evidenced throughout the game to anyone with eyesight and more than three working braincells? Double standards for sure, but as you clearly belong in the latter category your educational special needs exclude you from my ire. So by your own perverse logic you’re you’re paying your taxes to lock yourself up?

        Seriously, sort yourself out. ‘In Strangeways’? Really? Is there really an offence of “endorse thuggish and violent behaviour”? Or are you really as much of a retard as you sound? On second thoughts, don’t answer that, you’ll probably incriminate yourself.

        Oh, and one final thing – it’s probably not a good idea to call someone a half WIT until you’ve learned how to spell it yourself. That’s if you can do anything much other than remember to breathe in and out, of course.