Date: 30th January 2012 at 2:13am
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David De Gea

"Give me a chance fans/boss/media"

Saturday’s game at Anfield was always going to be a high-pressure difficult affair for the United team, as the pre-match hype, the occasion and the whole Suarez/Evra affair had reached a boiling  point. 

It was not a game for the faint-hearted and although, United ultimately controlled much of the possession and kept Liverpool quiet for the vast majority of the game, the home side managed to snatch an underserved victory mainly due to a rare lapse from the one player on the pitch who more than anyone  didn’t deserve to be on the losing side.

It wasn’t Evra who received most of the criticism following United’s loss, although he did get more than his fair share, it was the latest in a long line of whipping boys, who both ‘pundits’ and ‘fans’ alike love to stick the knife in.

Michael Carrick, Jonny Evans, Dimitar Berbatov, the list of players who seem to attract blame whenever things don’t go United’s way has now lengthened to include one who’s arguably the most popular whipping boy since Max Moseley had one of his ‘parties.’*

David De Gea was not only blamed for the first goal, by many United fans and Roy Keane, but also blamed for the second goal by some for getting beaten at his near post- from about eight yards out?!

It’s easy to blame DDG, as he does struggle with crosses sometimes, let’s not pretend he doesn’t, and is in and out of the side, giving  him that added air of ‘unreliability.’

Then there’s build which has been labelled as ‘too skinny’ and again added to the conception -or should that be ‘misconception’ that he’s not strong enough for the physicality of the Premiership.

First of all let’s look at his difficulty with crosses, sell correct me if I’m wrong but is the lad not 21? Surely he’s not beyond the age of coaching. Now I’ve not got my UEFA badges but it strikes me that perhaps if he was to work on dealing with crosses then this aspect of his game could improve.

The main problem with DDG for me is the way his United career has been handled, he’s been thrown in for tough games, City, Chelsea Arsenal, Liverpool and dropped for seemingly easier ones: Norwich, Sunderland, Wigan -all at Old Trafford. When his replacement Anders Lindegaard has done well he’s been praised as more ‘reliable’ well, put the big Dane behind nine men against a rampant Manchester City side and see if he can pull off a miracle. It’s double standards by a lot of pundits and Reds when it comes to the treatment of DDG. The Spaniard has been thrown in well and truly at the deep end, then been dropped again, then thrown back in, its a very poor way of handling any player, let alone a young man in a foreign country trying to cope with replacing a legend in the toughest league in the world, behind a makeshift defence for most games.

“Ah, but De Gea’s played in easy games an made mistakes” I hear you cry. Well that may be the case but let’s look at some of those so-called ‘easy’ games. Take Blackburn for example. DDG was behind a defence that had only Patrice Evra as a natural defender in its line up for the first half. Yes De Gea could’ve done better but he could have done with an Evans, Rio, or a Vidic, in front of him, then maybe we wouldn’t have gotten ourselves into the situation where every time Blackburn went forward- admittedly not very often- they looked like scoring.

Let’s not forget in some of the other so-called ‘easy games’ Bolton away, Swansea away, Everton away, Spurs at home- actually are they even that easy- the young keeper kept clean sheets.

The trouble is De Gea, makes a mistake ala Blackburn and even his own manager will mention it in the post match interview, then he’s dropped and the media, fans and rivals all blame him for the defeat and seem to even revel in his problems.

I’ve long advocated giving De Gea a run- even before he’d played for us, I wrote an article stating how we had to be patient keep playing him and accept that he was bound to make errors – he’s young and he’s a keeper- thats what they do- even Schmeichel and Van Der Sar.

Nothing has made me change that view, but it was asking a lot for a player who’s been dropped for four games to be brought back in at Anfield. Personally I don’t even blame DDG for either goal, I though Agger was given far too easy a job for his header and Kuyt was always going to score from that position.

I just feel Sir Alex Ferguson hasn’t been too kind on the young stopper and should now stop with the goalkeeping merry-go-round and make him the first choice for every game, its the only way he’ll improve.

The lad is class that’s why we bought him, he’s played in big games against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, he’s not inept, he just needs time. Too many fans expect instant glory and success, well as someone who remembers the days of Chris Turner (just) and Jim Leighton- never mind Massimo Taibi Barthez,etc, let me say we don’t know how lucky we are to have a young keeper like David De Gea, given time he’ll come good, let’s just hope Fergie gives it him.

*Disclaimer only joking absolutely nothing like that happens at any party Max Moseley has and nor would we wish to insinuate it does. -especially after he won damages from the News of the World. 

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15 responses to “The Terrible Handling of David De Gea”

  1. SoccerLimey says:

    The problem is that De Gea was signed with too many expectations especially following someone like Van Der Saar.

    I have no problem with his talent, nor the signing as I think one day, he will be a great goalie, but United took this kid from the relatively benign Spanish League, from a goalkeeping perspective, and tossed him into the lion’s den of the Premier League.

    I saw him play in Chicago last summer and my son was a goalkeeper for his high school. I saw so many similarities between how De Gea played, and how my son played, I could hardly believe my eyes.

    He was timid, shy and looked out of place with his defenders and frankly, that has continued all season long.

    I don’t consider Ferguson a great student of goalkeeping talent. I think he regards that position as relatively unimportant when compared to the outfield positions, hence the wealth of poor keepers at United during his reign.

    What should have happened with De Gea was that either he be signed last season and spend a year under Der Saar, or sign someone like Friedel or Given, who were both available, on one year contracts to tutor the boy along in the shadows. Build his strength and attitude to prepare him for English football.

    It’s too late now, but I would bench him for the balance of the season now and next year loan him out to either a feeder club like Antwerp or a mid table Championship team. Lindergaard will have to be the man now with Amos backing him up.

    Hopefully, DE Gea isn’t ruined yet.

    • MP says:

      you would ‘bench’ him for the season and loan him to ‘Antwerp’ next season?! is this a joke.. This isn’t football manager.

      SAF has,year after year, brought in young talent and successfully nurtured them into being key players for us. Take nani for example.. fans wanted him out 2 seasons ago, and look at him now. This goes for EVERY position on the field as im sure he doesn’t discount the fact that united need a strong keeper.

      Yeah, lets hope 21 year old De Gea isnt completely ruined.. cause he’s only got a lifetime of football ahead of him. Im thinking Amos against Chelsea?

      This is a ridiculous. Fans need to realize that SAF has more experience and talent than any other manager in the world, and its very rare that he gets decisions wrong (bebe – although he’s admitted to have never seen bebe play. DDG has been watched by our scouts for 2 years)

      It’s all about communication, and right now DDG needs to improve his english so he can communicate with his defenders as Lindegaard does. he’s 21 years old. Give him a break.

      • Aaron haarlem says:

        rare that he gets transfers wrong, come on mate where do I start Terry Gibson , Ralph Milne angry Anderson Neil Webb Danny Wallace mr clean sheets Leighton the list is endless. he’s bought some great players but fergie has also bought loads of substandard players ,it’s the one thing he has got wrong through his time at united, and I think he’s got it wrong with de gea sometime s players are just not suited to play in England and I think he’s one

      • Kimo says:

        fuck stop mentioning the age of DDG, as an excuse for their performance.

  2. nona says:

    go to hell Justin Mottershead…rubbish and idiot article..leave de gea alone!

  3. kevin says:

    why sign a young an inexperienced goalkeeper if they cud have got a premier league experienced goalkeeper who is capable of performing brilliantly against top team….hes like a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished….ali al-habsi…iv seen this guy play with a crap defensive line up and still come out on the winning side….i swear i saw this guy make arnd 15 or so saves in a match which they eventually lost..i mean he cud make saves that wud make even Schmeichel proud…i wish fergie wud have looked at him before going and spend 18 million on a 21 yr old!!!!

  4. STWB,Norway says:

    Firstly, great article. Couldn’t agree more. People have to see beyond the results to compare Lindegaard and De Gae. Yes, he has had some blunders, but so has Lindegaard (fumbeling the ball to the post and so on).

    Secondly: With all due respect SoccerLimey, could not disagree more!

    Given the fact that Fergie has bought so many goalies is a sign that he in fact finds that position significantly important. Why would he sell Howard if not, who had a brilliant first season?

    You can’t send a goalie on loan to Antwerp or a mid table Championship team who have played and won the European league, and been brilliant in most of our toughest games this season.

    Yes, he have some areas that he needs to improve significantly, but overall he is at least as good as Lindegaard (seen him over multiple seasons here in the Norwegian league), and way ahead of Amos.

  5. sitesired says:

    The Great Dane earned us 10 to 13 points per season . A solid keeper is a must ask Citeh . At Anfield we were unlucky but i was just hoping to get out without further injuries and our moral stance intact . This we did ! Feb 11 with Suarez in their team Paddy as captain , Will be our time to repay the outstanding debt.De-Gea must learn on the job ,No one just arrives at brilliance .

  6. first goal wasnt his mistake at all..he tried his best to push carroll n get close to the ball..and all mistake of defenders who doesnt mark liverpool players well…what can we expect if he is covered by 6 players….i knw he need to buildup little..i bet u he will be here for next 10+years and he going to be worlds no 1…everyone knws his potential….some time on loan to middletable team or championshp team will help him.and united

  7. Aaron haarlem says:

    he’s not the best keeper at the club so he should not be first choice simple

  8. Lionel says:

    There is no question that De Gea is a very talented goalkeeper but he is very light and he will need to bulk up so that he can survive in the premier league but I do say that a loan move to a premier league club would also benefit De Gea so that he can learn without the pressure of playing for united which can be a lot for a young player to handle, and he needs to learn English so that he can take better command of his defenders. I do feel that Lindergaard has earned a right to compete for the number 1 spot.

  9. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Well De Gea’s inclusion against Liverpool could have gone 2 ways, he could have played out of his skin, made several amazing saves and it would have been seen as a master stroke by Fergie, or what has actually occured. I cant blame him for either goal, i genuinely cant, the first goal was extremely harsh i mean the commentators expected the fella to push 6 people out of the way to punch the ball out. Some were saying he should have stayed on the goal line during commentary. Like u said Dirk Kuyt was always going to score the winner he placed that a striked it to perfection!

    One critisism il give tho Justin is that u give De Gea far too much backing, and seem to be blind to his blatant errors, cos there are a few major ones. One has to admit he doesnt look 100% assured in goal, unlike Lindegaard who looks the more assured in goal. Also De Gea isnt comfortable with crosses, and the other day he just lost his head and tried to outskill an attacker and got tackled. Thats always an anxious moment. Hes still got a few issues to deal with, just cos hes 21, doesnt mean those issues can be brushed away, they are still weaknesses that can be exploited by opposition teams.