Date:21st January 2012 at 1:21am
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It seems every week we’re treated to another negative David De Gea story, be it stolen donuts, United signing another keeper, or simply reviews of his ‘mistakes’ from the previous game.

This week’s DDG tale involved the practical non-story that the young ‘keeper may require eye surgery,

The Telegraph noted:

“It is understood he [De Gea] suffers from a condition that affects long-range vision in one eye and which may need laser surgery to correct. The 21-year-old has had the condition since childhood and often wears glasses or contact lenses.”

The idea that a footballer may require corrective eye surgery is hardly news, yet when it’s David De Gea and you can even make it seem as though that somehow may be responsible for his so-called ‘poor performances’ then it’s suddenly becomes newsworthy.

David De Gea has been treated badly by the press in Britain, so much so that eating a donut makes the front page of the nation’s biggest selling paper. We’ve also had every football ‘expert’ -many of them former Liverpool players regurgitating tired old nonsense about how a player who’s barely 21 is somehow already ‘not good enough’ for United and needs to be sold. It’s ridiculous. The most laughable comments, are the ones surrounding his weight, as though he wasn’t the exact same physique when United bought him, or more to the point when he played for Atletico Madrid, putting in stunning performances.

Then there’s the treatment he’s had from the United manager, thrown in for games against Arsenal, City and Chelsea, played behind makeshift defences, then dropped for the easier games when there’s a strong back four. Oh and not to mention the public execution type dropping Sir Alex gave him following the Blackburn game.

Let’s be completely honest though, not all United fans have been completely supportive, you only have to visit the various social networking sites, blogs and forums to see the disdain some Reds treat him with.

Until the recent Newcastle and Man City game Anders Lindegaard was being treated like some form of Messiah, like Schmeichel and Van Der Saar rolled into one.

All the Newcastle ¬†and City games showed us were that Lindegaard’s human just as De Gea is, people including goalkeepers make mistakes, they need to be given time, especially someone as young as DDG.

I personally hope De Gea plays every game for the rest of the season, yes he may make a few more errors, he may even cost us some points but the kid’s world-class and there’s no doubt he’ll also save us many points as well along the way.

United fan’s and the press alike need to give the youngster a break and get behind him, like we did with Andy Cole when he struggled to find goals, as we did when it seemed as though Fergie had dropped a massive clanger forking out so much on Dimitar Berbatov.

The press and ‘experts’ can criticise all they want, but if the fans are behind him, De Gea will have little or nothing to worry about when it comes to playing for United.

I just hope he’s given the chance….

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