Date: 20th January 2012 at 1:46am
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The Ravel Morrison saga, and unfortunately that is exactly what is has become, has taken another turn with reports in the national media that the teenager, demanded £30,000 a week.

The Mail reports: Ravel Morrison has stunned Manchester United by demanding £30,000 a week, despite the teenager making just three first-team appearances.
Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed his exasperation with the talented but troubled 18-year-old, describing his demands as ‘unrealistic’.

Sportsmail understands United have offered Morrison £12,000 a week – an amazing salary for someone so young – and while the player has denied rejecting a new offer, there is now understood to be an impasse. It is not clear if the £30,000-aweek demand includes bonuses.

The idea, that Morrison is worth £30,000 a week is pretty ridiculous considering he’s yet to be anywhere near forcing his way into the first team.

Most United fans. myself included, have urged the club to stick by the youngster during his various misdemeanours such is his talent, but these latest demands, will surely make most Reds doubt the wisdom in even trying to keep hold of him.

In a few years time, theres no doubt Morrison will be earning more than £30,000 a week, should he keep himself on the straight and narrow, but to ask for that sort of wage now, is little short of insulting.

I’ve wondered whether it’s Morrison, his agent or a mixture of both behind his contract talks stalling and while the youngster has taken to twitter in the past to deny he’s even been offered a contract by United, these latest reports will cast more doubt on his United future, thats beginning to look all but over.

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6 responses to “United Baulk At Morrison’s £30K A Week Pay Demands”

  1. nory says:

    Stupid kid!!

    • RedScot says:

      Cmon mate we are all ‘stupid’ at some point.Me more than most I think.I do and say stupid things all the time.Often on United forums for a reaction and to get a blog moving.Its meant to be ‘fun’.
      Communicating about United.
      Its only our views.It wont make any difference at the end of the day.

  2. JETELINHO says:

    WELL, this somehow sums it up imho (ATM!!!): The idea, that Morrison is worth £30,000 a week is pretty ridiculous – EXACTLY, AT THE VERY MOMENT, HE HASN´T DONE ANYTHING (but problems!) to ask for anything. AT THE VERY MOMENT, HE shall just shut it, work hard, dream of ANY contract to be offered by the club that´s made him what he is (among others NOT a prisonor …) … & ONLY wonder whether he will ONCE come to fase where he is worth GBP 30k/w (or 5 times more).

    So: MORRI – START TO WORK EVEN HARDER, START TO FIGHT FOR YOUR PLACE, ENJOY YOUR FOOTBALL … & THEN (!)DISCUSS TERMS / btw: do not listen to agents!!! We are all employed people waking up every morning to earn – though even by us, what we want has some borders (even with 20+ ys at school, university degree … etc.) – so 1st show smtg & then come back with demands. end of

    • RedScot says:

      Hi mate I dont believe it is clear as yet he has demanded anything.Nobody as far as I know are priveledged to be aware of secret negotations of players wages.Or in fact what the players are being paid, currently.Its all guess work and speculation.
      In fairness you can get a broad idea if you scroll through the accounts of the club.
      As you highlight in your post, he should apply himself at the club.Take a leaf out of Danny Welbecks and Tom Cleverley rise to the first team. Through hard work and application to succeeed in football.
      Someone needs to advise him to control his ‘internal’ football matters on that horrible medium called Twitter.That is easily mis- represented bye people who want to cause trouble at United.
      Lets hope he see’s the light.
      You dont want to lose, potentially a £30 Million player for a few immature actions.

  3. RedScot says:

    Ha Ha When questioned by the journalist during todays press-conference at Carrington on Ravel’s wage negotiations.He simply got a bit frosty, batted away the enquiry.Its nothing to do with the Arsenal game.Classic tactic of cat and mouse.
    Similar to the way he ‘managed’ the Wayne Rooney saga and Mr Ambition – gate.

    Danny’s contract issue’s are not an issue.Brilliant.

    Love the training kit he was wearing the ‘DHL ‘ones.
    Dinnae Haver

  4. RedScot says:

    Sorta watching German football just now on the box.
    Just a quickie to show the danger of twitter and peoples interpretation of what is provided.
    From a site I write on Sabotage Times.
    “Dear @Official Glitter, will your book be released as a PDF file? ” Glitter is Gary.
    Be warned Ravel Morrison there are people that interpretate ‘what they want’ on Twitter.
    Stay of writing about the Club and internal dealings.Keep it about you.Not Manchester United.
    Good luck mate hope you get your contract sorted out in private, you can be a United star*.