Date: 17th February 2012 at 9:19am
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After lots of speculation over his future, this morning Italian newspaper Tuttosport have broke the news that “Juventus have got their hands on Paul Pogba.” Tuttosport are a newspaper in Italy with close contacts to Juventus and so there is a strong likelihood that this front page news is genuine.

The paper notes that Juventus have beaten off competition from Arsenal and Liverpool and that Juventus and Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola are currently sorting out little details with regards to the purchase of Paul Pogba who is out of contract at the end of the season. Manchester United will be due some competition for training the youngster at youth level. They add that he will arrive in Turin in the summer.



32 responses to “Report: Pogba Agrees Move To Juventus”

  1. John says:

    Well I have to say, the 1st bit of news I read today was this and I have to say it was highly depressing to say the least. Particularly the way you embellished the story with:

    “Tuttosport are a newspaper in Italy with close contacts to Juventus and so there is a strong likelihood that this front page news is genuine.”

    However it has just been reported on the talksport website that:

    “Paul Pogba is hopeful of signing a new deal with Manchester United in the very near future.
    The 18-year-old midfielder has been the subject of intense speculation surrounding his future, with his current deal at Old Trafford expiring this summer.
    Chelsea and AC Milan are believed to keen to take the French youth international, while some reports in Italy have suggested that Juventus have already agreed a deal for Pogba, who joined United from Le Havre in 2009.
    However, sources close to the teenager have told talkSPORT that contract negotiations are still ongoing with the Premier League champions and they are hopeful they of reaching a satisfactory conclusion.”

    So my question to you is, as a United supporting website, why was you so quick to back up the validity of the Tuttosport article? If I want that type of anti-united shit I’l read the variety of online rags like the mirror, DM, etc.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      I hope Talksport are right and I hope Pogba does stay, but I don’t feel Vik is embellishing anything, Tuttosport do have strong ties to both Turin clubs, also you only have to look at this thread to realise Talksport are hardly a shining example of reliability.

      Also I don’t see how reporting a player could be leaving is ‘anti-United shit’? This site has consistently backed the likes of Pogba, Tunnicliffe, Morrison- okay we got that one wrong- Cleverley and Welbeck from the start and will continue to do so.

  2. kevin says:

    hes come out in public and stated that he wants to stay…thats good enough fr me….and as ong as the official manutd site doesnt say anything abt it…..i treat all these things as total rubbish!!!!!

  3. gB says:

    Why spread this rubbish, you workin for the daily mail or somethin

  4. Ehidezkid says:

    If manu start selling out these young stars, who will then replace those old ones if they retires. Please manu don’t sell pogba he’s the fulture world best.

  5. kc says:

    Total bull, not deserving of any comment.

  6. Maniscream says:

    Total bish !!!!!. Why leave for a lesser club if your ambitious. He could be a great player for juve, or could wait his turn and become a GOD at united. I know what I’d do !!!.

  7. kristofer says:

    tuttosport is the italian version of the sun or marca in spain.

  8. Aduba Emeka Valentino says:

    Fergie u better mind what u re doing,how can u allow such a wonderful player to go.why not give him chance in place of that useless carrick.Let carrick go instead of pogba

    • Neilsen says:

      Are u mad? Carrick’s done good this season. He’s the one who keeps the midfield together and doesnt allow the opposition 18-23 shots per game! Ok, he’s not a Keane/Robson type of player but he’s definitely NOT useless!
      Summer 2012 transfer window:
      Ins: C.Ronaldo, M’Vila and Eriksen/Gaitan/Gotze
      Outs: Owen, Anderson, Berbatov, Bebe(loan), Macheda(loan).

    • Neilsen says:

      Are u mad? Carrick has done brilliant this season, one of ur most consisten players. He’s the one who keeps the midfield together and doesn’t allow the opposition 18-23 shots per game. OK, he’s not a Keane/Robson player but he’s definitely NOT useless! Anyways….
      Summer 2012 transfer window:
      Ins: C.Ronaldo, M’Vila, Eriksen/Gaitan/Gotze
      Outs: Owen, Anderson, Berbatov, Bebe(loan), Macheda(loan)

    • Karlos says:

      er… Carrick? Seriously, what planet are you on?

  9. Karlos says:

    Don’t you hate idle speculation. How are we ever to know that this story isn’t being generated to drive Pogba’s new United deal up in value? Having weighed up the alternatives, this seems the most likely explanation. It’s not diffficult to get the mail, mirror et al to print rumours, but considering they are supposed to be ‘news’ papers, they are worth less than the paper they’re printed on. Does anyone actually buy them any more?? Pogba should, and I suspect will, remain at united. He’s proved his class and I’m excited about the new wave of young kids coming through, and I expect he is too. Manchester United or Juventus… I mean really, is there even a choice to be made there?

  10. the red city says:

    Talksport also reveals he wants to stay at manu Utd and is still in talks over a deal deal at old trafford…the boy has made it clear he wants to stay.

    All you lil paper believeing geeks who spitting you lil dummies out go grow the f up.

    Tuttosport are just talking bs, they have a sick obsession with our players.