Date: 24th February 2012 at 1:43pm
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What is the true cost of the Glazers ownership?

What is the true cost of the Glazers ownership?

Take a trip down memory lane, as far as you like yourself now. I’ll let you go back to ’94 or ’99 or you know what even 2008. You wouldn’t need much memory for that now would you?

Yesterday against Ajax, United were completely outplayed. They were dominated by an Ajax team that can’t even do the business in their own league, but unlike some I wasn’t surprised.

Yes we are challenging for a league title and I’m definitely not going to claim that we can’t win because, well quite simply we can, but it’s all just papering over the cracks. This club has gone into a terrible decline in the past 3 years and we as fans have not really protested, have we?

Yes there was a ‘green and gold’ protest and I supported it, so did many passionate Reds, but Sir Alex came up trumps with a historic nineteenth title and all was forgotten. Think about the bin dipper at Old Trafford on the 21st of March 2010, when upon going 2-1 up and closing out an enjoyable (as usual) victory over our bitter rivals, Old Trafford was bouncing, with the majority of supporters swinging their Newton Heath style scarves, and chanting “Love United, Hate Glazer”. I mean Beckham was even supporting it. That protest needs to happen again, but it’s got to be twice as strong! And here’s why?
In 1994 we had Paul Ince and Roy Keane commanding the midfield, with Bryan Robson still contributing and then Scholesy and Butt waiting in the wings.

Fast forward to the present day where the veteran Paul Scholes has come out of retirement to save his teammates, where Michael Carrick, although playing quite well, is deemed as our stand out performer. We’ve got potential that is largely unproven by Cleverley and now were fretting over whether a Youth Cup winning player will sign a new contract. None of these players would get near the ’94 or ’99 teams.

So I’ll move onto the strikers, where we’ve got Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov. The only player to get to the standard of our four strikers in the Treble campaign is Rooney, but even he would have to be playing very well. In our first even double winning side, we had Hughes, Cantona and McClair. Again only Rooney.
I’m not saying I don’t like Chicarito or Welbeck, I just think we need another top class centre forward. Somebody that is close to Rooney’s standard? They are out there.

Our back five in 2008 were: Van der Sar, Brown, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand. The best defence in United’s history, I know, but that should be the standard set. It’s not. We’ve dropped our standards and ambition. In 1999 we had Schmeichel, Neville, Irwin, Johnson and Stam. Enough said.

The premier League is mediocre, with City the only good team in it. Let’s be honest though any of United’s best teams would be about 10 points clear of City at this stage. We’d steamroller them.
Manchester United has never been a club to settle for second best. That shouldn’t start now! When you have great defenders, midfielders and strikers, they should be a standard required to play for the club.
I’m not deluded. I know there’s only one Roy Keane. I know Vidic and Rio were the two best in the world and I know to match Paul Scholes, there are a very select amount of players, but at least buy players that are close to that standard.
Christian Erriksen is one, Luca Modric is another. Edinson Cavani would be great. We’d then have four very capable strikers – just like 1999.

Jordi Alba, Leighton Baines. I actually highly rate Izaguirre at Celtic. We need to replace Evra, because he’s not what he once was for some reason or another. Patrice is still fabulous to watch in an attacking sense, but is left wanting defensively.

The Glazers and there ‘glazer-nomics’ as it has been termed have destroyed our club. We could conceivably be able to compete with City for players. Our operating profit is phenomenal, but these American pr**ks are bleeding us dry.
Ferguson, in my opinion can do more to get money to spend. He can push the owners for money. He has that power.
Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do”. I think that refers to Manchester United’s situation. We need to repeatedly bring in top class players for all positions. We need to repeatedly fight for trophies. We need to repeatedly protest against our vile owners, but most importantly we need Glazer out. We want Glazer out!

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10 responses to “Set The Standard And Get The Glazers Out”

  1. eltricolor2014 says:

    World Class Players? Unfortunately, that means $30M plus to bring them to Old Trafford. Who was the last player that SAF paid over $30M (Berbatov)? And would he do it again with that experience? Probably not. As much as yesterday’s loss looks terrible for United, the Glazers and Sir Alex; it’s on the player’s fault. How many goals have we given up on set pieces? Deflected shots, I get that, not much De Gea could have done with that shot. But set pieces and corners have killed us and Jones and Smalling should be better defensive players than what they’ve been showing. Of course, if Vidic was healthy, we probably would not be talking about this.

  2. ericthedog says:

    Didnt we win 19 and only get stopped winning Euro cup by best barca team in years? Support the glazers out bit but back it up with something better than this. City r shite and so dull to watch, not that they go. Viva Ronaldo was why we were so good in 2008. In fergie we trust.

  3. stan says:

    You people dont see the bigger picture. The Glazers are businessmen first and foremost, obviously they would do that, who wouldnt if given the opportunity? It hasnt affected Man Utds results so why are you complaining?
    End of the day its THEIR club, THEY own it.

    • Steve Waite says:

      The Glazers own United. But don’t for a second think that it is their club. United, like all football clubs belongs to it’s army of fans. And you, like any self respecting fan, should want the best for this club we all love so much. Fair enough the Glazers are businessmen and want some more money. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. I want United to be great again, and I’ll fight tooth and nail until we are.

    • Tony says:

      Where do people like you come from?

  4. RyanMufc says:

    ericthedog: Yes I pointed out that we won 19. City are better than us, but Feguson has kept us in it. Ronaldo played a big part, but we also had Tevez. We had Rio at his peak. We had Evra at his peak and we also had Van der Sar. Scholes was better then too, obviously. The premier league was also at its peak between 2007- 2009. It’s a much lower standard now.

  5. RyanMufc says:

    Stan I’m afraid you don’t see the bigger picture, because it has affected our results, because we are not playing Champions League football. The bigger picture is that it will only get worse if there is no action taken. The club needs to be back in the hand of the fans. Did you see the match yesterday? These are all first team players; granted only a handful would play in best XI, but they were still dreadful. Results have been affected and so too have our ability to buy the cream of the crop!

  6. RedDevil says:

    I think its important to realise that we are undergoing a transition here. We do require a good amount of cash over the next 3 years. Only Fergie could do so well without any resources. When he leaves, the new manager wouldn’t be able to deal with it. (except if he’s David Moyes). I think the article points out some good facts but I sincerely don’t think we need another center forward. Midfield and Left Back – yes true.
    Another worrying aspect is that young players don’t want to stay at the club?

  7. moriton says:

    U fans kant jus stop blabbing about buying big names.lets not go far,luk at chelsea,where are they now,with torres,luiz,cahill,lukaku n dy likes,all wey proven potentials for their various clubs but hw many of them now have recaptured that form that made them so highly not saying proven potential is not good but i think we should stick to the way sir alex has moulded his team all this years,i.e relying on the academy for players and when dy seem nt to be too fit for the first team he goes out to buy but dose nt isolate the youth team.