Date:16th February 2012 at 1:59am
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Could this man be in charge of United one day?

Could this man be in charge of United one day?

With all the talk of the Special One Jose Mourinho being the heir apparent to Sir Alex Ferguson over the past fewweeks, it was something of a surprise to see the Telegraph claim that the next United boss could be a lot closer to home. 

With Sir Alex now in his 70th year, the question of who will succeed him has become the preferred speculative column filler for much of the Chelsea fans at Fleet Street. There’s no denying though that as Fergie enters what must surely be his final few seasons as United boss, that every Red has more than just a couple of opinions on who would make the ideal replacement.

The Telegraph notes: Ferguson is understood to believe that despite his lack of experience Giggs has many of the qualities required to take on the most demanding club job in English football. He praised the former Welsh international’s attributes among fellow managers and at a recent private function attended by leading business figures.

It seems that Sir Alex isn’t the only one who believes Giggs would be the ideal candidate to take over the Old Trafford hot-seat. The Telegraph continues: Team-mate Paul Scholes also believes Giggs could take over from Ferguson. The midfielder told FourFourTwo magazine: “People have talked about Mourinho. It can change quickly … it’s about who is successful at the time. Whether they are British or foreign, you just want the best man for the job. I could see Ryan Giggs becoming manager.”

The idea of Giggs becoming the next United boss seems like the perfect continuation of the Welshman’s Roy of the Rovers-esque time at Old Trafford. Surely the player who’s won more than any other British footballer and is in danger of one day reaching the ridiculous tally of 1000 appearances for United would be the perfect man for the job.

There’s no question Giggs as United boss would please the fans the question is, whether giving such a monumental job to someone with no managerial experience- regardless of his legendary status would be the right idea?

Perhaps Sir Alex has ideas of himself as some form of ‘Director of Football’ with Giggs as first-team coach/manager, that sounds like a dream scenario, although my only concern is whether that would be a help or a hindrance.