Date: 20th February 2012 at 8:03am
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Ajax's Danish playmaker tussles with Jones and Carrick

Ajax's Danish playmaker tussles with Jones and Carrick

Before last Thursday’s game in Amsterdam all the talk was of Ajax’s 19 year old playmaker Christian Eriksen and how it was a chance for him to impress Sir Alex Ferguson.
Eriksen, is one of a few midfielders who’ve been named as possible transfer targets for United this Summer.

Lille’s Eden Hazard and Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Goetze, as well as usual suspects Jack Rodwell and Luka Modric have all been linked to United of late.

Eriksen would arguably seem like a more attractive proposition as unlike the other aforementioned players doesn’t have as many other suitors willing to pay big money for his services.

Other clubs have shown interest in the player dubbed ‘the new Michael Laudrup’ -naturally because he’s Danish- who has a host of admirers there’s a chance United could avoid a bidding war, if they were to make a firm offer.

AC Milan and Chelsea have been named as two possible suitors but Eriksen who had trials at the Stamford Bridge club, may be reluctant to give them another chance.

The big question is “is Eriksen good enough?” Lat Thursday, he certainly didn’t do much wrong, although he hardly shone either.
Eriksen’s work-rate was impressive and he did manager to break through United’s defence but it was hardly a mesmerising performance.

The problem may have been expectation, with many commentators comparing the Eriksen situation to the one in 2003 when United faced a Sporting Lisbon side which contained a certain winger who immediately made Sir Alex Ferguson decide to sign him with an dazzling performance.

Comparing Eriksen to Cristiano Ronaldo, or Michael Laudrup for that matter, is grossly unfair, although it’s difficult to see United launching a bid for him, if he has a quiet game against us on Thursday.

At 19, Eriksen obviously has a great future ahead of him, the question is would United be willing to take a chance on a player who is still something of an unproven entity.

One thing’s for sure, should Eriksen shine at Old Trafford, he may just help Sir Alex Ferguson make up his mind and launch a definite bid for him in the Summer.


3 responses to “Thursday Night Could Prove Make Or Break For United Target”

  1. John Tring says:


  2. RedScot says:

    I think we should be carefull, when ‘taking on-board, what the manager has said about a player.
    He seldom publically dismisses a player from another club.Suarez in fact is one of the few I can recall.He ocassionaly has a little dig, nothing of significance.
    He rightly talked up Eriksen, he is a quality player with all the ‘traits’ of United’s recent signing policy.Young age 20,potential,sell on value,likely wont demand a criminally high wage.
    The ulimate point in my opinion, by getting Christian Eriksen on board, what message does this say to Tom Cleverly,Phil Jones, Paul Pogba Ryan Tunnicliffe etc.
    The other areas to consider are the more glaring weak area’s of the team, when considering purchasing players.In my opinion the full back positions are in much more need of investment.
    Patrice Evra is in the latter days of his playing career, with no ‘top’ level competition.
    Fabio is growing and will be in time when his body is fully developed, and like his twin, learns how to choose his tackles and the ones, that demand they need to be won.
    IE, not tackles on the half-way line, there or there abouts.
    I therefore think,any money that is released in my opinion would be better served on areas of the team that are in my opinion weaker.
    Both full back positions and a protecting defensive midfielder in preparation for when Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick call it a day.
    There are so many strings and threads to this topic, it’s just not as simple as saying his is ideal for United.In my opinion he is a potential talent as has been shown in a weaker Eredivise league.The step up might just be a £20 Million gamble.
    I am more for backing the fabulous young players we have at United, and not put blocks in there way to success.
    Bare in mind when considering the ‘huge’ fund for the summer transfer squabble.
    Manchester United have spent net over the last six years £10.1 Million per season.
    Some perspective and reality of the teams needs are essential, not luxury players that are more flavour of the month, than necessary.
    Get behind the players we have till the season’s end.
    Talk of replacing or saying what we have is not good-enough, as we are running into the climax of the season, is soul destroying for them.
    The players will be aware of this, its a negative effect.
    So I dont want to see anymore talk of ‘new players’ on the Red Flag Flying
    We have a 20th Premiership Title to win and a Europa Cup.