Date: 29th February 2012 at 10:51pm
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Paul Pogba - seemingly not keen to stay at United

Paul Pogba - seemingly not keen to stay at United

United have built up a world renowned tradition of bringing through world class stars from their youth academy setup.

This tradition stretches back as far as the Bobby Charlton, Dennis Viollet and Nobby Styles years and more recently the class of 1992 which included United legends David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Neville brothers. All they wanted to do in those days was to become the best player they could, live the best lifestyle and to one day lift the Premier League title for Manchester United. In their youth days, football and schooling took up most of their time, and if that wasn’t enough work, then boot cleaning for the senior players would be. No one had really heard of so called ‘agents’ back then as they were bought up to want to play for their boyhood club. But now, times have changed.

Youth team players are been snapped up by agents as early as 14 years of age and from there they are taught to play wherever the money is. The passion to play for their boyhood club is slowly slipping away due to the ridiculous amounts of money been invested in young players, ranging from image rights to transfer fees. This may be the reason why young players are so attracting to agents. The agents see the youth players as a project and an investment. This investment isn’t necessarily to make them into the best footballer in the world, it’s to make them into the most expensive footballer in the world. Gary Neville was famously quoted as saying “why would I want an agent? I’m never going to leave Manchester United”. It’s quite disturbing to think about just how many modern day players have the same attitude and respect towards their club as the likes of Neville, Giggs and Scholes had to United.

A recent example of agents taking control is the sale of Ravel Morrison to West Ham United. Morrison signed as a first year scholar in 2009 then turned professional on 2nd February 2010. He had been a boyhood United fan but was then cherry picked by his current agents, Key Sports Managements. This led to Morrison reportedly turning down a contract offer from United, valuing himself at a lot more than United had offered. Although, Morrison is as well known for his off the pitch antics and as much as his on the pitch antics. He has appeared numerous times in court for a range. All this mounted up to United giving up on Morrison and letting him go for an undisclosed fee to West Ham United. Fergie told Morrison he had to be patient if he wanted to establish himself in the senior squad, but Morrison and his agency obviously did what they thought was financially for the player and left for West Ham where he is supposedly on £15,000 a week which could rise to £40,000 depending on appearances.

This then leads me on to the situation United currently have with Paul Pogba.Pogba was signed from French side Le Havrein 2009, which was investigated as a so called ‘tapping up’ deal but was later thrown out of court. Pogba continues to be linked to bothMilansides and French money men Paris St Germain even though United have offered him a solid contract, thought to be worth around £20,000 a week which would make him the highest paid player outside of the first team squad by a long way. Pogba is clearly settled in Manchester as his brother plays for Wrexham, but his controversial agent Mino Railoa insists that Pogba can get more money elsewhere whilst living a so called ‘better lifestyle’. This once again begs the question, is football now a business more than it is a game?

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8 responses to “Why Do United’s Youth Stars Want To Be Superstars Elsewhere?”

  1. chris says:

    Let the scum go. If i was good enough there would only be once place i would ever play And it aint West Ham.

  2. what morrison gonna archieve there at westham is nothing only championship player..everyone knows whoz the boss..thatz man utd where each year we play for CL..not only playing bt top contender for CL.
    Best thing is that utd gave 48 hrs to pogba and fryer ..if they dnt sign they will not wear man utd jersey again..thats utd player is bigger than club..we knowws we produce best youth talent in world…not only making players bt SAF is known for making carrer of players who didnt break in first team of utd and finding them clubs where they can fit and make money enuf their life good.

  3. Martyn says:

    Your roots are your roots Morrison will be burdened with regret eventually. Pogba will be what he pushes himself to be . Its only his time at Uniteds academy that makes him the player he is percieved as today .Look at the youth we have released ! Agents and Money are definatley a curse .Sarcasim here once a few bungs are passed at UEFA/FIFA perhaps we will only be able to train UK born/Domiciled youth .

  4. kevin says:

    its hard to say is it really the players wishes or the agents doing…..first player comes out n says im not going anywhere…im gonna break into the first team…gets a debut match and is on the bench for the next 5 games….then suddenly his agent comes out n says” e wants to stay but , u have to ask ferguson about that”……. if they are corrupting the game why doesnt FA ban players from having the agents….take a stand!!!!

  5. Philipk says:

    I’m sure you’re referring to Morrison not pogba as scum, which is fair enough in light of what I’ve heard. But you’re bang on, if they are already all about the money let them go. Not worth the hassle.. Playing for united is a privilege and there are plenty of young players that would jump at the opportunity and give it everything they have.. It’s those types of players that should be rewarded….

  6. Gorse Hill Red says:

    No way should United succumb to the agents demands, who do they think they are holding United to ransom when the stupid boy has only played two senior games.

    Everything wrong in football is epitomised by the likes of Morrison and Pogba. The agents demands 40k a week even though United have offered 20K! Beggars believe, if City or Juventus are stupid enough to pay 40k a week for an unproven greedy player then so be it. Let the greedy bastard go.

  7. tose says:

    is owen worth 60-80.000

    • Gorse Hill Red says:

      Not worth 60-80k a week at all tose, but then he is not on that wage but a wage of 20k. It goes up when he actually plays. You really should check your facts before writing on this wall.